Sunday, March 11, 2012

Overdose of Joy! Welcome my Grandchild Sean Lucian

I love to make food for my baby and watch her eat. A game arose between us from when she was learning to talk that I’d ask her “big hungry or little hungry”. We always knew the answer to the question it was big hungry, but the ritual was comforting intimate. Well one day 9 months ago as I’m preparing to do my barbecue magic I ran the question by her again big hungry or little hungry? She said she was little hungry. I walked away as waves of wonder hit me that was strange huh? Is she sick? Oh no what’s the matter!

She didn’t make me wait to long she sat us me down and told me she was expecting, oh so that’s why you’re little hungry. 9 months later the second most precious gift I’ve ever received is here. Behold Sean Lucian my Grandchild I love more than my next breath. Welcome to the world baby Grampy has been dying to meet you.


My own baby negotiated over 30 hours of labor to see that face. That I could produce a creature of such power and grace will always be a source of amazement to me.
Mazel Tov!

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  1. Adept,
    This is a beautiful blog post in honor of both your daughter and grandson. Congratulations again.