Sunday, July 26, 2015

My Answer to #FeelTheBern The Bernie Sanders Thing and Chavez Ravine

The following is a Twitter stream of consciousness I had. I'm going to link it as short hand whenever I need to deal with a Bernie Sanders supporter who doesn't understand why I just wont LOOOOOOVVVVEEEE him.

If you'd like explanation as to why White utopias as described by ‪#‎FeelTheBern‬ are bullshit promises Non Whites reject see the story of the Chavez Ravine. 
There's a school buried under 3rd base of Dodger Stadium one day archaeologists will go WHAT THE FUCK they valued games more than education. 
Some nice White man came to the Mexican residents of the Chavez Ravine and promised them a wonderland housing schools jobs the works. 
The nice White man had charts graphs and models and they moved those Mexican the fuck out some just home from WWII where they bled. 
Then once they moved all the Mexicans out on a promise the Nice white folk called the project a communist plot aided by the LA Times and all media. 
The Nice White Man with all the models charts and promises was denounced as a communist and the project shelved. 
So when Walter O'Malley flew over the area just N. of downtown the Nice White Mayor GAVE HIM the Mexicans land. 
When the Nice White men today are cashing in on billions from the land they stole from the Mexicans anyone talk about repayment? NO! 
So Bernie Sanders is the Nice White man with the charts and models and a beautiful plan his White cousins will denounce him for. That is of course after Bernie Sanders has swindled non white people into believing his bullshit story.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Adept2u Correspondent for the #CookoutNewsNetwork


I had a ball in a hash tag yesterday.  #CookoutNewsNetwork was just like going to any one of 100's of family cookouts i've gone to and what made it so magical was I could have fallen into 1000's of them yesterday and sat right down without having to learn the backstory.  I'll begin my presentation with the last tweet I had in the series.

Namaste Friends.