Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Week in UFO Phenomenon: Keck Telescope in Hawaii Records Mysterious Event

Aloha Citizens of Earth! Welcome to a special mid-week edition of TWiUP.

There have been a few things happening in the world of UP since the last edition so interesting I couldn’t wait till Tuesday to talk about them.

First we have this.

Footage of this incredible bubble-like burst of light in the night sky was captured by cameras at an astronomical observatory in Hawaii.

Sky watchers have been flooding internet forums with speculation about the burst, filmed by a webcam mounted on the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope on Mauna Kea.
Captured in time-lapse footage, the glowing sphere takes several minutes to expand until it virtually fills the frame - then it vanishes as mysteriously as it appeared.

Daily Mail link

This phenomenon is being discussed in terms of ICBM or other missile testing, but the thing that makes me go hmmm, comes from some of the analysis of a couple weeks ago from the croppies.

Cowdrove Hill of June 18, 2011 shows our inner solar system of Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars for a date close to June 20, 2011, along with three images of another unknown object, perhaps a comet, which is scheduled to outburst or explode soon close to Mars orbit.

Two accompanying slides show the locations and orbits of Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars for a date of June 20, along with the positions of two known comets which are located currently near Mars orbit: namely comet C/2011 C1 McNaught or comet C/2010 X1 Elenin. A big "C-shaped" symbol on the left of Cowdrove Hill seems to tell where the unknown object will be located in space. Two other symbols along its outer ring seem to imply an outburst (semi-circle with thin dividing lines) followed by brightness (open circle on the right). These new symbols seem similar to other "outburst" symbols drawn at Sanctuary or Hackpen Hill on May 30, 2011.

Hmm maybe off a week to a couple of days?

Now the next entry poses a bit of a question for me. Would we accept an extraterrestrial reality if another government or peoples announced it? Anyhow I just thought it was great to read this coming from Russia.

A top Russian astronomer claimed Monday that humans will encounter extraterrestrial life by 2031.

"Life exists on other planets and we will find it within 20 years," the scientist Andrei Finkelstein said,according to the Interfax News Agency.

The astronomer added that 10 percent of known planets circling suns in the galaxy resemble Earth, making life on such planets highly likely, and that aliens are most likely to resemble humans with two arms, two legs and a head, per Reuters.

Finkelstein made the remarks at the opening of the international symposium called "The Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence" in St. Petersburg, The Voice Of Russia reported. He says he is convinced based on the fundamental laws of life that life exists throughout the universe.

Huffpo Link

And the internet is absolutely buzzing with the star from our last entry TWiUP's last entry

When I shared this video with TWiUP it had about 3,000 hits, it’s now approaching 1.5 million

It has even hit the MSM

As the camera is pointed upwards, over the BBC's Yalding House, three white dots flash across the sky at great speed in a triangle formation, they are very quickly followed by two similar sized white dots.

As the camera pans down again, two people on the opposite side of the road can also been seen watching events unfold above them.

Then one larger, bright and more slow moving disc-shaped white object appears, circles around briefly and zips off.

Meant to include this alternate and other persons viewpoint of the London UFO

Another Daily Mail Link, but you can find the story elsewhere

Namaste friends, see you on Sunday with the normal TWiUP at the movies.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Week in UFO Phenomenon: UFOs, Nuclear Weapons, and F. E. Warren Air Force Base

Attention! At ease Space Cadets. Smoke em if you got em, and welcome to this weeks full issue of TWiUP.


Back in October of 2010 there was a story that just knocked my socks off. The US Military Lost Primary Command and Control of 50 Nuclear Missiles.

It’s interesting I take the work I do here and will post it on my personal blog along with other things that even the new and more liberal policy of what can be talked about here I just feel doesn't fit. I don’t get much of any traffic to the site except for one story. The one that I linked above gets about 100 hits a week from all over the world, in the United States not too much.

The crux of the story is that in late October 2010 50 missiles from F. E. Warren Air Force Base took a little nap.

WASHINGTON — An equipment failure disrupted communication between 50 nuclear missiles and the launch control center at Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming over the weekend, an Air Force spokesman said Tuesday.
Lt. Col. Todd Vician said the break occurred early Saturday and lasted less than one hour. The White House was briefed about the failure Tuesday morning
Huffpo Link

Please read the diary, the story is in my opinion about the wildest thing I’d ever heard. I still can’t believe people did not make a bigger stink out of it than was made.

I generally respect the military’s ability to take responsibility. You crash your aircraft carrier you get fired. You accidentally load a nuke onto an airplane it shouldn’t have been on you and your chain of command gets fired, but when this happened, nothing but crickets. No one got fired, I never heard about anyone fixing the gremlins in the thermal nuclear weapons, in fact right down the memory hole the story went. I could never find any more information about it.

Ha! Well now I have.

TAOS, N.M., June 20, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- On October 23, 2010, F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne, Wyoming temporarily lost the ability to communicate with 50 of its Minuteman III missiles. The five Missile Alert Facilities responsible for launching those ICBMs—Alpha through Echo, comprising the 319th Strategic Missile Squadron—would have been unable to do so during the period of the disruption.

This dramatic story was leaked to Mark Ambinder, a contributing editor at The Atlantic, which published it three days later. The U.S. Air Force then quickly acknowledged the problem, saying that a back-up launch system could have performed the task and claiming that the breakdown had lasted a mere 59 minutes.
However, the latter statement was untrue, according to two missile technicians stationed at F.E. Warren, who say that the communications issue, while intermittent, actually persisted over several hours.

Significantly, these same individuals report sightings by "numerous teams" of an enormous, cigar-shaped craft that maneuvered high above the missile field on the day of the disruption. The huge UFO appeared similar to a World War I German Zeppelin but had no passenger gondola or advertising on its hull, as would a commercial blimp.
The confidential Air Force sources also report that their squadron commander has warned witnesses not to talk to journalists or researchers about "the things they may or may not have seen" in the sky and has threatened severe penalties for anyone violating security. Consequently, these persons must remain anonymous at this time.
Reuters link


This is not a new story. It appears UFO’s just don’t like nuclear weapons. In a little bit of serendipity barely one month previous to the 50 nuclear missiles being taken off the set a group of ex Air Force officers came out with a similar tale at different nuclear weapons facilities.

UFO Disclosure and Today's Press Conference

Why heck the October incident doesn’t even appear to be the first time it happened at F. E. Warren one of the gentlemen from above talked about it happening before, in September.

The Week in YouTube

The week in YouTube was so fascinating this week I almost made a special edition of TWiUP if the sightings remain this bountiful and interesting I may just do it for next week. Leading off the pack is an absolute TRIP in my opinion from England. The YouTuber caught something on Wednesday and Friday in that order


I think I get half my entertainment listening to the dudes who film these things.

We saw these guys over England last time, in the edition from either last week, or two weeks ago.

Crop Circle Season

The croppies are saying the above one has ASCII code in it.

Namaste friends! See you on Sunday for another TWiUP at the movies, until then keep looking up!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Flood Berm Collapses at Ft. Calhoun Nuclear Power Station

It’s been raining fairly steadily in the area surrounding Ft. Calhoun and all along the Missouri river. Last night they lost a berm.

FORT CALHOUN, Neb. (AP) - A berm holding back floodwater at the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station has collapsed.

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission says it's monitoring the Missouri River flooding at the plant, which has been shut down since early April for refueling.

The 2,000-foot berm collapsed about 1:30 a.m. Sunday, allowing the swollen river to surround two buildings at the plant. The NRC says those buildings are designed to handle flooding up to 1014 feet above sea level. The river is at 1006.3 feet and isn't forecast to exceed 1008 feet.

The NRC says its inspectors were at the plant when the berm failed and have confirmed that the flooding has had no impact on the reactor shutdown cooling or the spent fuel pool cooling.

NRC Chairman Gregory Jaczko will visit the plant Monday


This is particularly distressing news as the flood control apparatus is being severely tested and unfortunately is starting to show more signs of failure

More people are evacuating their homes, fleeing swift moving flood waters, after a levee breach near Missouri Valley, Iowa.

Harrison county officials have confirmed a private levee breached one mile south of mile marker two on Highway 30. The breach is about 100 yards long near Casey Trail. Law enforcement has advised residents in 18 homes to evacuate.

KTIV TV link

Missouri Valley, Iowa happens to be about 5 miles upstream from Ft. Calhoun.

Meanwhile upstream it’s raining, and the Army Corp of Engineers is releasing record amounts of water from the 5 main stem dams that make up the major portion of the Missouri river flood control facilities.

That’s the Gavins Point dam, and that is 160,000 cfs

Follow the flooding with the Corp of Engineers Facebook page

Here are some other diaries on the subject.
Attention! Ft. Calhoun Nuclear Plant Flooding Danger Listen to Arnie Gunderson's Concern

Dam Danger, Flooding and Ft. Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant

Would a little American nuclear emergency make you look up? We're having one


Ft. Calhoun June 19th the day they made their announcement of "unusual event"


Ft. Calhoun on June 26th

The Week in UFO Phenomenon: Hessdalen Strange Lights in Norway


Happy s√łndag til alle UFO-fans, og velkommen!

It’s another great Sunday and time for another edition of TWiUP Sunday at the Movies.
Today we’re going to explore the far north for an absolutely fascinating recurring phenomenon the Hessdalen lights and the documentary The Portal The Hessdalen Lights Phenomenon.

Unusual lights have been reported here since 1940s or earlier. Especially high activity of Hessdalen lights took place from December 1981 until the summer of 1984 when lights were observed 15 to 20 times per week. The frequency of the lights caused a gathering of numerous tourists staying there overnight to see the phenomenon.[1] Since then, the activity has decreased and now the lights are observed some 10 - 20 times per year.
The Hessdalen light most often is a bright, white or yellow light of unknown origin standing or floating above the ground level. Sometimes the light can be seen for more than one hour. There are several other types of unexplained lights observed in the Hessdalen valley.

Wiki Link

One of my favorite types of phenomenon in that it touches on an idea that I just love considering. That part of the UFO phenomenon very well might be extra-dimensional as well as extra-terrestrial it also the idea that if the phenomenon is extra-terrestrial the beings may have some ability to manipulate space time and open portals.

When stuff like this happens in Norway, it just brings it to mind.

See you after the show!



This happened on Friday 6/24 in England and the person who did the uploading here seems to have a bit of a swarm going on in his neighborhood as this is the second time he’s caught something in a short time. I don’t know if it is CGI or whatever, but I was obviously impressed. This will most definitely lead off the Tuesday edition UFOs hate NUKES and its’ The Week in YouTube, but like I said, it tripped me out!

Namaste friends!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Week in UFO Phenomenon: Wingmakers

Hello once again citizens of the cosmos, and welcome to what I’m sure will be an interesting and somewhat different edition of The Week in UFO Phenomenon (TWiUP).

Have you ever considered the idea that the things people see in the sky may not be extra-terrestrial, but perhaps extra-dimensional? Have you ever considered that perhaps the visitors are not extra-dimensional, but perhaps even a future version of humanity that is visiting this time stream?

Well if you have then this edition is going to be really fun as we discuss a group of people who feel the same way and more.

It’s interesting how I came to find out about them. I was listening to progressive radio the Thom Hartman show to be exact. I enjoy listening to and participating in their chat room and his administrators in the room a lady named Sue N shot me this link.


So, upon first stumbling into the Wingmakers site there was something about the story that at first glance tickled my interest. It was a very good Sci-Fi story at the very least, and then I fell into the art. It was beautiful. It haunted me. So, I think hmm,. We got an artist and a writer cool double feature. I then was inspired to look for Wingmakers on YouTube and I ran into “A Fire For You” the poem I have embedded above. I must say that although all my life I’ve loved prose I could always take or leave poetry, ok I could leave it. I’m thinking back now and I can’t think of a single poem that has inspired me, but “A Fire for You” as it was presented rocked me to my soul. I cried. I still can barely play it without tears bursting out, but that’s ok. Apparently I needed to do that.

Question 1 - Where, or from whom, does the material for the WingMakers' materials originate?

In the summer of 1998 I was contacted by a woman who claimed to be familiar with my work at South Bay Group (a consulting company), and wanted to hire me to post and manage a website with some "unusual" content. I told her I'd review the content and as long as I didn't find it objectionable, I'd try to help her out.

She sent me four CDs, which arrived the next day to my office. Within the CDs were nearly a thousand pages of material (text), images (artwork), music files (digital samples), and of course the website, which was virtually intact as it's represented on the web today. Since then I've received additional CDs with new content (most recently, the material for the book).
The exact source of the material remains a mystery. However, an individual by the name of "James" has, as of February of 2001, stepped forward as the sole creator of all the content contained on this site. More can be learned about James' identity and purpose by reading the questions and answers within the Creator section of the website

Link to the Wingmakers and their material

The Week in YouTube


Crackin’ in Italy last week.

Videos where the phenomenon look similar in a week always catch my eye.

Did you participate in Sunday at the Movies? This guy looks very similarly to the UFO’s caught in the documentary presented about UFOs over South America.

Crop Circle Season!

Namaste friends, and see you on Sunday.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Week in UFO Phenomenon: UFOs in South America

It’s another beautiful day in the neighborhood and a hardy hola y bienvenidos to everyone participating in another Sunday at the Movies edition of TWiUP.

This week we’re going to take a look at a documentary outlining some of the things our friends from South America have been seeing in the skies. Over the last few years several South American countries have opened up UFO files and made moves to treat the phenomenon more legitimately. Brazil and Chile have opened their files and Argentina has established an official commission to study what’s being seen.

So this weekend we’re going to forget all about UFOs and instead take a look at OVNIs.

Namaste friends! See you on Tuesday with a full edition of TWiUP

7:10 AM PT: Oh and as I smell the beginnings of some pampering coming from the kitchen let me wish all the other fathers out there.....HAPPY FATHERS DAY!

This YouTube is going to make sense only for those who watched the movie.

Ok, I'll tell. This guy looks very much in the daylight like what our Ecuadorian friends had been discussing over the volcano. Sweet.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

American Fukushima? Ft. Calhoun Nuclear Plant Flooding Danger Listen to Arnie Gunderson's Concern

The Ft. Calhoun nuclear power plant is an issue that is going to demand our attention. If we have a slow motion Fukushima on our hands, let’s not let it sneak up on us. There is some cover ups going on the Omaha Utility are trying to keep media from coming near the plant.

Would a little American nuclear emergency make you look up? We're having one

Fire Knocks Out Spent Fuel Cooling at Ft. Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant

Dam Danger, Flooding and Ft. Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant


They are within a foot or two of what Ft. Calhoun is designed for.

If mother nature throws a knuckleballall bets are off.


That's the Ft. Peck dam the first in the chain of dams you can read about above in the diary title Dam Danger uploaded on June 13th

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Week in UFO Phenomenon: The Belgian Wave


Aloha galactic citizens and welcome to another full edition of TWiUP. We sure had fun with our edition which featured the documentary "I Know What I Saw". The documentary lead off and was anchored in an Arizona wave of sightings, but featured prominently in the presentation is an incident near and dear to any UFO lovers heart, the Belgian Wave.

When wiki does a good job, I’m not going to re-invent the wheel here.

The Belgian UFO wave peaked with the events of the night of 30/31 March 1990. On that night unknown objects were tracked on radar, photographed, and were sighted by an estimated 13,500 people on the ground – 2,600 of whom filed written statements describing in detail what they had seen.[1] Following the incident the Belgian air force released a report detailing the events of that night.

At around 23:00 on 30 March the supervisor for the Control Reporting Center (CRC) at Glons received reports that three unusual lights were seen moving towards Thorembais-Gembloux which lies to the South-East of Brussels. The lights were reported to be brighter than stars, changing color between red, green and yellow, and appeared to be fixed at the vertices of an equilateral triangle. At this point Glons CRC requested the Wavre gendarmerie send a patrol to confirm the sighting.

Approximately 10 minutes later a second set of lights was sighted moving towards the first triangle. By around 23:30 the Wavre gendarmerie had confirmed the initial sightings and Glons CRC had been able to observe the phenomenon on radar. During this time the second set of lights, after some erratic manoeuvres, had also formed themselves into a smaller triangle. After tracking the targets and after receiving a second radar confirmation from the Traffic Center Control at Semmerzake, Glons CRC gave the order to scramble two F-16 fighters fromBeauvechain Air Base shortly before midnight. Throughout this time the phenomenon was still clearly visible from the ground, with witnesses describing the whole formation as maintaining their relative positions while moving slowly across the sky. Witnesses also reported two dimmer lights towards the municipality of Eghezee displaying similar erratic movements to the second set of lights.

Over the next hour the two scrambled F-16s attempted nine separate interceptions of the targets. On three occasions they managed to obtain a radar lock for a few seconds but each time the targets changed position and speed so rapidly that the lock was broken. During the first radar lock, the target accelerated from 240 km/h to over 1,770 km/h while changing altitude from 2,700 m to 1,500 m, then up to 3,350 m before descending to almost ground level – the first descent of more than 900 m taking less than two seconds. Similar manoeuvres were observed during both subsequent radar locks. On no occasion were the F-16 pilots able to make visual contact with the targets and at no point, despite the speeds involved, was there any indication of a sonic boom. Moreover, narrator Robert Stack added in an episode of Unsolved Mysteries, the sudden changes in acceleration and deceleration would have been fatal to one or more human pilots.
During this time, ground witnesses broadly corroborate the information obtained by radar. They described seeing the smaller triangle completely disappear from sight at one point, while the larger triangle moved upwards very rapidly as the F-16s flew past. After 00:30 radar contact became much more sporadic and the final confirmed lock took place at 00:40. This final lock was once again broken by an acceleration from around 160 km/h to 1,120 km/h after which the radar of the F-16s and those at Glons and Semmerzake all lost contact. Following several further unconfirmed contacts the F-16s eventually returned to base shortly after 01:00.

The final details of the sighting were provided by the members of the Wavre gendarmerie who had been sent to confirm the original report. They describe four lights now being arranged in a square formation, all making short jerky movements, before gradually losing their luminosity and disappearing in four separate directions at around 01:30.[2]

Wiki Link

The Week in Youtube

In honor of the Belgian wave!


A couple more of those videos where I’m just DYING to know what the people are saying.

Crop Circle Season

Part of the fun of crop circle season is to compare and contrast with previous formations. Check out the one above and compare it with one that was shown in TWiUP last week.

Namaste friends! That was a bit to chew on and I hope as much fun as I have putting these things together. Hey did you notice? I learned some formatting tricks! See you on Sunday and keep those eyes up!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Week in UFO Phenomenon: I Know What I Saw


It’s Sunday at the movies again for TWiUP and I have a fantastic offering for all my out of this world aficionados.

This movie tells the story primarily of the 1997 mass sightings that occurred in Arizona seen by thousands of people including former Arizona Governor Fife Symington.

This story is interesting to me because it illustrates a dominant theme in those who have seen UFO phenomenon. It appears there are 2 camps of those who don’t believe they are crazy. One will almost hypnotize themselves that they didn’t see it, and they are normal, and they end up with the same issues anyone who makes a habit of lying to themselves has, and the other side who faces equally daunting problems because they know what they saw.

At any rate it’s a fun movie and a fun way to drop an hour and a half.

Wasn’t that fun?

Namaste friends and see you on Tuesday with the regular offering. I’m considering talking about the Belgian wave, and I’m still looking for people willing to share their own experiences with UFO phenomenon so message me. So far I only have 2 people willing to get down, and we can do better than that!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Would a little American nuclear emergency make you look up? We're having one

Weiner’s weiner’s weiner,

Ok, so there is a nuclear power plant in Nebraska on the Missouri river that has declared a minor emergency because of flooding.

FORT CALHOUN, Neb. (AP) -- A Nebraska nuclear power plant on the west bank of the Missouri River has declared an emergency because of the rising river.
The Omaha Public Power District, which operates the Fort Calhoun plant, says Monday that the river has reached a lever where the company is declaring a "notification of unusual event," which is the lowest of four emergency levels that are standard in the U.S. nuclear industry.

The utility says it has notified the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and emergency management agencies in Nebraska and Iowa.

The Fort Calhoun plant, which is about 20 miles north of Omaha, has been shut down since early April for refueling. The OPPD says in a statement no release of radioactive material requiring offsite response or monitoring has occurred or is expected.


So, I pop over to wiki and what do I find?

A flood assessment performed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in 2010 indicated that the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Generating Station, "did not have adequate procedures to protect the intake structure and auxiliary building against external flooding events."[6] The assessment also indicated that the facility was not adequately prepared for a "worst-case" flooding scenario. A number of potential flood water penetration points were discovered that could have impacted the raw feed water supply to the cooling system, the axilliary water supply and main switchgear (electrical) room. By early 2011, corrective measures had been implemented.[6]

Wiki link

Heaven help us if they are like TEPCO.

Here is a little more information as to what issues the reactor was having from an article dated May 13th

BLAIR -- Omaha Public Power District officials are working with regulators to address concerns about the failure of a key part during a test last June at the Fort Calhoun nuclear plant.
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission told the utility it believes the failure of the electrical component may represent a significant safety concern, but the commission has made only a preliminary judgment about the violation.
OPPD spokesman Mike Jones said Friday the utility doesn't agree that the part's failure represented a serious safety risk because three other backup parts worked fine, and the shutdown system needs only one connector to work. Plus, he says there are other ways to shut down the reactor.
"If there had been a problem, we feel we could have safely shut down the reactor," Jones said.


The good news is the reactor is shut down, but the bad news is so was Fukushima #4

Dam Danger, Flooding and Ft. Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant

That’s the Garrison Dam in North Dakota. It is one of six dams that comprise the principle flood control of the Missouri river and part of the protection for the Ft. Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant I have written about here Would a little American nuclear emergency make you look up? We're having one and here

The Missouri River is in flood stage. The Missouri River is in 100 year flood stage and according to one source I cite in the diary if we roll snake eyes on our luck not only is a nuclear power plant criticized for it’s lack of flood preparedness in danger, but St. Louis may end up to their armpits in water.

...Barring any other issues, the gates will stay open and all 28 of them should be in use by next week, raised slightly higher to increase the flow rate.
The gates will contribute about 65,000 cfs to the full release of 150,000 cfs scheduled to start sometime next week.

Meantime, the corps expects the lake behind the dam will continue to rise to 1,856 feet elevation. The new record elevation will occur because the top of the spillway is higher when the gates go up and because of the bulge of water expected from mountain snowmelt. ...

Bismark Tribune


As alarming as that might be the true issue may not be with the Garrison Dam, but the Fort Peck Dam the first dam in the system. Here is a scenario taken from Bernard Shanks a guest commentator from the St. Louis website.

The Fort Peck Dam is built with a flawed design that has suffered a well-known fate for this type of dam — liquefaction — in which saturated soil loses its stability. Hydraulic-fill dams are prone to almost instant collapse from stress or earthquakes. California required all hydraulic-fill dams be torn out or rebuilt — and no other large dams have been built this way since.

At three miles wide, Fort Peck Dam last opened its floodgates 36 years ago. By the end of the first week in June, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will be releasing a record spill of water. The corps recently answered the question of possible failure with a statement the dam is "absolutely safe." It may be the largest at-risk dam in the nation.


Here is a likely scenario: Garrison, Oahe and three other downstream earthen dams would have to catch and hold a massive amount of water, an area covering nearly 250 square miles 100 feet deep. But earthen dams, when overtopped with floodwater, do not stand. They break and erode away, usually within an hour. All are full.

There is a possibility a failure of Fort Peck Dam could lead to a domino-like collapse of all five downstream dams. It probably would wreck every bridge, highway, pipeline and power line and split the heartland of the nation, leaving a gap 1,500 miles wide. Countless sewage treatment plants, toxic waste sites and even Superfund sites would be flushed downstream. The death toll and blow to our economy would be ghastly

St. Louis Today link to an opinion piece.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fire Knocks Out Spent Fuel Cooling at Ft. Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant

You know how people just love to say no one could have foreseen?

Well people were asking me a few days ago why did you write the diary Would a little American nuclear emergency make you look up? We're having one you're such a fear mongerer you should have written your diary from the perspective of the flood.

I wrote that diary so people couldn't say who could have foreseen.

I foresaw and I'm nobodies nuclear engineer.

A fire in an electrical switch room on Tuesday briefly knocked out cooling for a pool holding spent nuclear fuel at the Fort Calhoun nuclear plant outside Omaha, Neb., plant officials said.

The safety of deep pools used to store used radioactive fuel at nuclear plants has been an issue since the accident at Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant in March. If the cooling water a pool is lost, the used nuclear fuel could catch fire and release radiation.


Officials at Fort Calhoun said the situation at their plant came nowhere near to Fukushima's. They said it would have taken 88 hours for the heat produced by the fuel to boil away the cooling water.

Workers restored cooling in about 90 minutes, and plant officials said the temperature in the pool only increased by two degrees.

The fire, reported at 9:30 a.m., led to the loss of electrical power for the system that circulates cooling water through the spent fuel pool, according to a report from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. A chemical fire suppression system discharged, and the plant's fire brigade cleared smoke from the room and reported that the fire was out at 10:20 a.m., the NRC said.

Pro Publica link

Sky Watching 1a

We’ve had some excitement in the heavens over the last couple of days with the sun throwing off an impressive coronal mass ejection and with that lots of people are going outside tonight in hopes of catching an aurora display.

That gave me the idea to introduce one of my favorite hobbies and maybe introduce some ideas that will give everyone something else to do as they hope the coming geomagnetic storm stimulates some exciting lights.

Let’s first make a list of the things you will need.

1. Night sky free of clouds
2. Hot chocolate or other libation
3. If you want to get fancy a pair of binoculars, but really all you need are your eyes.

“We are voyagers on the Earth through space, as passengers on a ship, and many of us have never thought of any part of the vessel but the cabin where we are quartered”.. S.P. Langley

Tonight everyone is going to want to observe the northern sky as that is the direction any aurora activity would come from, and I thought it would be appropriate if we learned how to find the North Star Polaris.


The key to being able to find Polaris is the ability to recognize and spot the constellation Ursa Major some of the stars of which comprise the big dipper. The way I like to think of it is the big dipper pours out Polaris. Polaris is about 25 degrees away from the pointer star, and it just so happens you have a great astronomical compass at your disposal in your hands. A hand with all your fingers open is about 25 degrees from your thumb to your pinky finger, like you were making a hang ten sign or saying I love you in sign language.


Now if you find you’re digging this and want to find the other stars and planets around us this is a great place to start. We find the other stars by picking out prominent stars and using pointers and our hand compasses. Run out and get yourselves one of these a two sided planespherefor 10 bucks and this Nightwatch as a reference book and I daresay you could have a lifetime of viewing enjoyment. I know I can say I still haven’t found everything I’ve been looking for.

My favorite sky watching music is above.

Namaste friends go out and enjoy the sky!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Week in UFO Phenomenon: Hail to the Chiefs!

Wassup again my fellow travelers and welcome to what I hope will be a real fun edition of TWiUP and perhaps even a series within a series presidential UFO stories. I’m not going to include our current President. I’m still sore with him about the issue because he clowned us along with Donald Trump…Where’s Biggie and Tupac, what really happened at Area 51. He can make it all better by telling everything he knows about Area 51 : )

I’d like to begin with a man we all know and love ole number 40 Ronald Wilson Reagan.

The Dutch is my favorite of the UFO Presidents. He’s a dude who didn’t seem afraid to live by his own impressions. Following is a nice rundown of when Ronnie knew what he saw.

Reagan was missing when the party began and the party was held up until he and Nancy arrived nearly an hour late. According to both Allen’s and Ball’s version of events Reagan was very excited. He described the fact that he and Nancy had seen a UFO while coming down the coast highway to Los Angeles and stopped to watch the event. Some unconfirmed stories of the event stated that the object actually landed. Lucy in her account of the event stated, “After he elected President, I kept thinking about that event, and wondered if he still would have won if he told everyone that he saw a flying saucer.”

The other Reagan sighting occurred in 1974 just before Reagan ended his second term as governor. The story was told by Air Force Colonel Bill Paynter who became the pilot of Reagan’s Cessna Citation jet plane following his retirement from the Air Force.

It a story Ronald Reagan told to Norman Miller, Washington Bureau Chief for the Wall Street Journal, the governor’s plane was making an approach to land in Bakersfield California. It was during the descent that Reagan noticed a strange light behind the plane. "We followed it for several minutes, Reagan told Miler. “ It was a bright white light. We followed it to Bakersfield and all of a sudden to our utter amazement it went straight up into the heavens."

Paynter, the pilot stated, “"it appeared to be several hundred yards away" and it was "a fairly steady light until it begun to accelerate. Then it appeared to elongate. Then the light took off. It went up a 45 degrees angle at a high rate of speed. Everyone on the plane was surprised."


I actually just ran across this today and it was priceless to me. This account is from an interview in when Steven Spielberg screened ET.

Quint: Now, I’ve heard a story that I wanted to run by you. I have no idea if it’s true, but an effects friend of mine told me about a special screening of E.T. for Ronald Reagan. Have you heard this story?

Steven Spielberg: I was there!

Quint: The story I heard is that when Reagan saw it he started talking about how close to reality it was and he was quickly ushered out of the room. Is that true?

Steven Spielberg: No, he wasn’t ushered out of the room. He was the President of the United States! Nobody could usher Ronald Reagan out of the room! It was in the White House screening room and Reagan got up to thank me for bringing the film to show the President, the First Lady and all of their guests, which included Sandra Day O’Connor in her first week of as a Justice of the Supreme Court, and it included some astronauts… I think Neil Armstrong was there, I’m not 100% certain, but it was an amazing, amazing evening.

He just stood up and he looked around the room, almost like he was doing a headcount, and he said, “I wanted to thank you for bringing E.T. to the White House. We really enjoyed your movie,” and then he looked around the room and said, “And there are a number of people in this room who know that everything on that screen is absolutely true.”

And he said it without smiling! But he said that and everybody laughed, by the way. The whole room laughed because he presented it like a joke, but he wasn’t smiling as he said it.

The room did laugh and then later on I’ll never forget my conversation with the President. He pulled me aside, he said… and I can’t do Reagan. I wish I could do that breathy, wonderful voice of his… And Nancy Reagan was standing right next to him and the President said to me, “I only have one criticism about your movie,” and I said “What’s that?” He said, “How long were the end credits?” I said, “Oh, I don’t know. Maybe three, three and a half minutes?” He said, “In my day, when I was an actor, our end credits were maybe 15 seconds long.”
aint it cool link

The week in Youtube

I’m dying to know what these people from these places are saying.

Youtube was full of the above example from all over the world too.

Crop circle season! If you missed Sunday’s TWiUP at the movies here’s a link As it’s crop circle season I’m going to show some of the fun formations that have occurred in the previous week.

Namaste friends and see you Sunday unless something exciting happens. Oh and remember I'm still hoping to do a feature called Kossack tales. Come out into the light. How can people who call themselves Hippies be shy about admitting they believe in UFO stories and have seen a trippy thing or two? Shoot me a message if you're willing to share and write up your story.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Week in UFO Phenomenon: It’s Crop Circle Season!

Howdy space rangers and welcome to a new idea I have for TWiUP Sunday afternoon at the movies.

It’s crop circle season once again, and as part of the normal Tuesday offerings I’m going to start including a round-up of the crop circles that have been found in the past week. It’s been a very active year so far with 12 reported in England so far and 16 others worldwide, and for those who enjoy attempting to de-code potential messages in the figures there is already a lot to chew on.

I thought it would be an excellent idea to lead of the documentary portion of TWiUP with one of my favorites 2009’s New Swirled Order.

New swirled order from NuoVisoProductions on Vimeo.

You can watch it uninterrupted and without subtitles at the above link.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fukushima: Crimes Against Humanity Lies

They are lying. They have been lying from day one through today, but in this case their lies are putting at risk the health of millions including yours and mine.

The Japanese government has expressed regret for not disclosing some important results of the radiation monitoring conducted near the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant soon after the accident.


A reading on March 12th, one day after the massive earthquake and tsunami hit the plant, shows that radioactive tellurium was detected 7 kilometers away. Tellurium is produced during the melting of nuclear fuel.

Three hours before the data was collected, the government expanded the radius of the evacuation area around the plant from 3 kilometers to 10 kilometers.
But the government's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency reported at a news conference several hours later that the nuclear fuel was intact.
The government also failed to disclose the high radiation levels in weeds 30 to 50 kilometers from the plant.
On March 15th, 123 million becquerels of radioactive iodine-131 per kilogram were detected 38 kilometers northeast of the plant.

Professor Yasuyuki Muramatsu of Gakushuin University says radioactive iodine has a high effect on children. He says that if the data had been released earlier, more measures could have been taken to protect them from exposure.

Regret? Are you double barreled hot shitting me? Let’s make sure we got this straight Tepco/Japanese government. You reported the fuel was intact. I remember it don’t worry only a few feet of the core was exposed blah blah blah, but at the time you knew that substances that are only produced by nuclear reaction were sitting on the ground 7 kilometers away. You scum sucking liars.

All 3 of those piles have been cooking for a month now, (remember when they were saying 1 had cold shut down? BWAHAHAHAHHAH) so these atomic piles have now become a new substance on earth they call corium and they have melted down, meh into the basements? they have definately left the containment vessels.

Nuclear boy has shit like the facehugger monster from Alien and he has burned through his diaper, so the corium is now headed south to the water table, and it should get there if it will say in about a month or so and BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM thermal explosion when a substance a couple ticks off as hot as the sun hits a water table and you have 3 atomic geisers like old faithful except it goes off continuously as opposed to on the hour.

That's just the fun with the reactors, want to talk fun with the fuel pools? Take that scenario and put it in an open air environment nuclear boy never had on a diaper, and run it. Let's add on to now the fuel has interesting geometries we get us a little criticality explosion like what happened at Kyshtym , so far I'd say the pools are probably cooking so hard no one who wants to keep their lives can work anywhere near them for more than 5 minutes. Now they should have a line of say 20K people ready to get digging and see if they can't go under the entire thing with some sort of moderator tomb idea, it needs to be like a hoover dam effort, do you see anything like that? Me either..

For the last two weeks at least 4 times a day I’ve taken to looking at the live feeds from TEPCO and JPN You can watch both here I don’t know if they want us to believe them or our lying eyes, but that complex has been smoking and steaming for at least 2 weeks, and today?

The operator of the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant says steam was observed coming out of the floor of the No.1 reactor building, and extremely high radiation was detected in the vicinity
Tokyo Electric Power Company inspected the inside of the No.1 reactor building on Friday with a remote-controlled robot.

TEPCO said it found that steam was rising from a crevice in the floor, and that extremely high radiation of 3,000 to 4,000 millisieverts per hour was measured around the area. The radiation is believed to be the highest detected in the air at the plant.

TEPCO says the steam is likely coming from water at a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius that has accumulated in the basement of the reactor building.
The company sees no major impact from the radiation so far on ongoing work, as it has been detected only within a limited section of the building

Another NHK linkl

How long must the Japanese people and the very world allow TEPCO and the Japanese government to piss in our faces and call it rain water? Perhaps when there is an actual threat to these inept peoples liberty they will treat this with the requisite seriousness, and stop with all the freaking lies.