Friday, October 29, 2010

UFO over Disneyland and Curious Police Activity

On the night of October 10th there was a mass sighting of UFO’s in Southern California. I know I saw one myself. I was not alone. I know what I saw. However there were a string of sightings that was far more interesting in the communities of Anaheim and Garden Grove. I collected them in the blog post I did the next day you can find here

Inside this collection was a film from a brother named Izayne. Izayne if you are out there you are fierce. At any rate Izayne appears to have seen this UFO along with many others and uploaded what he saw.

The next day however he noticed strange police and quasi governmental activity. He and his crew jumped in their car and chased it.

Let’s cut to Wednesday October 27th and my man Izayne sees the same crew rolling through his neighborhood.

Why are the police escorting industrial equipment, and why are they wearing masks. Oh and what was the object that Izayne saw in the sky? Mr. Blinky!

Izayne speaks! I have been watching his video for comments and he has spoken more on the subject

Ok, Im going to do a quick summery of what happened, because so many people requested just that... We heard the loud speaker yelling danger danger, Same as the very first sighting that was filmed when we caught the first footage, instantly we ran to glance, there it was again, the convoy of Patrol cars.. We ran, in pack, grabbed the big green clunker truck, Jumped in it, and the guy that films all these clips is an older 58 year old man name tattoo Joe, He says he lives near by, and always

shows up when the big Sirens and Helicopters sound off, he beat us outside with his camera, we jumped in the truck, headed where the convoy appeared to be headed... To summarize this without so much detail, When The Girl Questioned the Police, She questioned him in fear for her own Safety, nothing else.... I don't know what was said, all i know is when she ran back to the truck, she muffled hurry lets get out of here fast, turn back and shut the camera off,he was trying to shut camera off

and the next thing happened so fast, Something Blue Flew In Front Of My Friends Truck Fast and scared the shit out of all of us, that is why we started trippin out and yelling, he almost dropped the dam camera and jumped out for my own safety... The driver then started following this Blue flash the flew fast in front of the truck climbed hight in the air in 2 seconds, like WTF, that freaked all of us out and Joe tried very hard to keep the camera on it but was unable to stay on it..

Anyone think Izayne was chasing a tranformer? Well do a search on Youtube videos from people seeing UFO's in So.Cal on the 27th here is a hint.

Does that look familiar?

Hey and guess what else happened that night

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The US Military Lost Primary Command and Control of 50 Nuclear Missiles

The power to destroy humanity on this planet carries a great deal of responsibility. One of the bedrock trusts the rest of us have to have in order to sleep well at night is that the security and reliability of our nuclear forces has to be 100%.

So when I got wind of this story I almost couldn’t believe it.

WASHINGTON — An equipment failure disrupted communication between 50 nuclear missiles and the launch control center at Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming over the weekend, an Air Force spokesman said Tuesday.
Lt. Col. Todd Vician said the break occurred early Saturday and lasted less than one hour. The White House was briefed about the failure Tuesday morning

Huffington Post link


The Air Force assures us that the security of the missiles was never in danger and that the ability for them to launch was never lost, and these are not the droids you seek. I’m sorry that last part was a bit of cynicism.

The equipment failure disrupted "communication between the control center and the missiles, but during that time they were still able to monitor the security of the affected missiles," Vician said. "The missiles were always protected. We have multiple redundancies and security features, and control features."

Huffington Post link

According to the official, engineers believe that a launch control center computer (LCC), responsible for a package of at least five missiles, usually ten of them, began to "ping" out of sequence, resulting in a surge of "noise" through the system. The LCCs interrogate each missile in sequence, so if they begin to send signals out when they're not supposed to, receivers on the missiles themselves will notice this and send out error codes

The Atlantic's account of this story

Do these statements make anyone else’s anus pucker? They could monitor security? Let’s say that this was a cyber warfare attack could they monitor the missiles being launched by say some Al Qaeda computer whiz? They began to “ping” out of sequence? So are they trying to tell us our nuclear forces have a software issue or a mind of their own?

The firepower they lost contact with has the ability to ruin life on earth for all of humanity, and they lost contact with it they started pinging on their own. I’m sorry that simply cannot be allowed. If there aren’t generals in civilian clothes over this we don’t have the responsibility requisite to be a nuclear power.

An administration official said that "to make too much out of this would be to sensationalize it. It's not that big of a deal. Everything worked as planned."

The Atlantic's account of this story

For the first time in my history I’m going to straight criticize the Obama Administration. Whoever said that everything worked as planned and to not make a big deal out of it needs to lose their job as well as every Air Force officer above the rank of Major with any responsibility for this incident.

Update 8:00 am

"Over the course of 300 alerts — those are 24-hour shifts in the capsule — I saw this happen to three or four missiles, maybe," says John Noonan, a former U.S. Air Force missile launch officer who first tweeted word of the issue. "This is 50 ICBMs dropping off at once. I never heard of anything like it."

"There are plans and procedures available to deal with individual broken missiles," Noonan adds, "but they are wholly inadequate to handle an entire squadron of missiles dropping offline."

Wired link

So the Air Force mentioned that security was not impacted by the event, and the administration said it wasn't a big deal

According to people briefed on what happened, a squadron of ICBMs suddenly dropped down into what's known as 'LF Down' status, meaning that the missileers in their bunkers could no longer communicate with the missiles themselves. LF Down status also means that various security protocols built into the missile delivery system, like intrusion alarms and warhead separation alarms, were offline.

Slashdot coverage

Intrusion alarms, and separation alarm were offline and that's not a big deal? Seriously?

Seems to me I wrote a few weeks back about a group of Air Force officers that had something to say about missiles dropping off line. The world is a funny place.

Namaste friends.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Go to Republican Strategy for Victory…Stop Black People From Voting

Disenfranchisement and Republican strategy go together like peas and carrots. Illinois Senate Candidate Mark Kirk is the newest participant in the tried and true strategy of White candidates instead of campaigning for the votes of non-White people instead electing to bar them from the ballot box.

He said the other side would be tempted to “jigger” the numbers. The word jigger is just another way to call a cat a kitty here. He wants to suppress the votes of the people of those districts and the reason he is so willing to fund the largest voter suppression effort possible and do it openly is the voters aren’t White.

In a private phone conversation that was secretly recorded, Mark Kirk, the Republican U.S. Senate candidate in Illinois, told state Republican leaders last week about his plan to send "voter integrity" squads to four predominately African American neighborhoods of Chicago "where the other side might be tempted to jigger the numbers somewhat.

George Bush spent his entire Presidency turning the civil rights/voting rights division of the Department of Justice into one that has decided the greatest threat to American democracy was that non-white people would exercise their ability to vote. That’s why rather than go after the people who actually do things like voter caging, or real voter intimidation they are more concerned with a skinny little Black dude with a stick.

It would be funny if it weren’t so tragic. Mark Kirk intends to send his legions of White people into the Black community to challenge their right to vote. Voting shouldn’t be a hassle. These people secured their right to vote with their citizenship and their birthright. The blood of Black people is stained on every American battlefield, and it was not left there so the children of the people who shed it would have their privileges challenged at every turn.

Remember the dire warnings and shrill allegations of voter fraud surrounding the 2008 election? That ACORN would steal it, that the New Black Panthers were intimidating voters, that fraud across the county would be "rampant?"
They never panned out. ACORN no longer exists. (Although that hasn't stopped 20 percent of the American public from believing they'll try to steal the election.) The DOJ found that the New Black Panthers incident was isolated -- although that case found new life in allegations against the Justice Department itself (more on that below). A five-year effort by the Bush DOJ to weed out fraud, an effort the Obama team said was designed to suppress minority voter turnout, turned up "virtually no evidence."

I used to run around posting this video when there was still a chance that ACORN might survive. When the media both right and left (talking to you Jon Stewart) took an entire lie and made it national news and used it to destroy one of the strongest progressive organizations designed to assist poor and non-white citizens they produced this in defense. I post it because during the first half of the presentation they say in no uncertain terms what the goal and strategy of the Republican Party is.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My New Hobby! I’m collecting the daily UFO/Strange Stars

Since the object I’m calling Mr. Blinky showed up in my life on October 9th I’ve been like the Richard Dreyfus character from Close Encounters. Instead of building a mound though, I’m building a little file of all the daily Youtube videos from all over the world that star Mr. Blinky.

I understand that the videos from Anaheim last night have had an “official” explanation. Apparently a trucker was playing with a LED encrusted radio controlled airplane. That’s actually fantastic. He should do it again. Hey I know why they didn’t just do it again, or ok I’m speculating. Here’s the speculation. These are not the droids you seek. Lol

Anyway here is Mr. Blinky’s parade. This first guy hooked his telescope to his camera and has a really great shot of Mr. Blinky. This is exactly what I saw too.



Don’t know where this is from, but I’m starting to enjoy the conversation of the people recording the things as much as the things themselves.


ROFLMAO the ET’s are down with the Juggalos!


Why do people put creepy music in their videos of these phenomenons? I never did like the X-Files and I think it was mostly because of the music.

Alberta, Canada

This one is just described as outside his house. Don’t be afraid. Fear is the mind killer.

Waymart, PA

I love how seeing something strange isn’t gonna stop the party.

Im going to say this is Poland



The internet is ablaze with the idea that October 13th will be a day of mass sightings over major cities. That kind of made me chuckle cause when I was reading that it was October 13th somewhere on Earth. Hey I’m laughing while looking at about 50 people a day record winking lights through their iPods.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Strange Stars/UFO's being caught on YouTube

There is something definitely going on. This is a collection of the what is it a star/ufo from the night of October 10th and 11th. What is occurring doesn’t appear to be slowing down. I took a sample on Youtube using just the search words UFO and looking for the blinking lights I saw. What I saw was amazing.


Another Orange County California


You from Jersey? I’m from Jersey!

Scotland, and for this one I just have to ask are you kidding me, look at that thing move. Is it a satellite? I don’t know do they have satellites that can change direction like this

Back in the USSR ok Russia, but I wanted to hum a Beatles song.

Same day as in Russia, but in South America



Don’t know where, but it had that feel and on the same day



So where you ever told how come there aren’t more films of UFO’s now that everyone has cameras? This is just the last two days ya’ll and as this isn’t my bandwidth I’m putting them together.

Lots of people from the OC last night here is Garden Grove

Another from the Anaheim

Viva Italia

Unless Mickey has a new effect Anaheim sure was rocking last night

Raising Arizona


Hey I know this one


Israel I guess

Again this was just for last night. The night of October 10th not the 9th where I found an additional huge amount of sightings.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Strange Star Over Southern California

Sweetie and I observed this thing move too fast to be a star i'm familiar with and a couple of other objects around it for two hours last night October 9th from about 2100 to 2300 hours. It appeared in the NE sky and appeared to transit about 25 degrees in the time we watched it. I was able to observe it on a Meade 4504 telescope (thanks Neil!) where I noted it rapidly leaving the field, and exhibiting blue yellow and red as well as white light blinking lights. The videos were taken with a very low tech digital camera.

So I do the YouTube thing to see if anyone else saw something similar on the night of October 9th and early morning hours of October 10th




Toronto, Canada

Italy and these people had a better camera caught the color

Montreal Canada

Don’t know where

Ontario Canada

New Zealand

Another satisfied customer don’t know where

Marco Island, Florida

You get the picture. There were over 25 of these from all over the world.