Friday, May 20, 2016

Poetry, Brown Liquor, Grown Folks

This is your master of ceremonies Adept2u.

A beautiful night was had by all, and my heartfelt thanks to everyone who shared the energy of their muse with us tonight.

Here's how it went down.

Thanks again for all the lovely decorations for the Brilliant Bridge Span

Snap your fingers

I know that you can

Adept2u till we do this again

Time's an illusion.

Lights On, Brown Liquor Grown Folk Brilliant Bridge Poetry Slam


Welcome to another edition of our poetry slam.

I'm your host they call Alabama the Crimson Tide but you can call me Adept2u.

Time's an illusion since we were last together let me tell you how things are going to tether. 

You'll see some music go across the Brilliant Bridge span, Jazz is how we do it
Snap your fingers I know that you can.

Then comes the feast some poetry go ahead and eat.

I'll pretty it up pretty is what we are, come up close don't sit far.

I would be a tear I'd spend my life on your cheek And die on your lips

Time's an illusion We reset our clocks to now Our sovereignty
Orphaned Africa Adopted Five Families Black Yankee Shaolin

The Brilliant Bridge A Butterfly Beats Its wings Launch a thousand ships

The Color Purple Observations are happy Bird with a french fry

Hey, you over there. Do you fux wit poetry? Come give us a shot.

Come all ye poets Chroniclers of inner worlds SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!

Black Girl Magic's Son
Constructed from a Star's heart
One Adept2u

*Finger snaps*  Get you some of that.  Do you have to produce a multimedia extravaganza to participate?  NO!  leave whatever you want as a message to the group. Or E-mail

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Brown Liquor Grown Folk Brilliant Bridge Poetry Slam

#BlackGirlMagic Son
Constructed from a star's heart
One Adept2u

#Haiku #BrownLiquorGrownFolkBrilliantBridgePoetrySlam

*Finger snaps*
Adept2u your master of ceremonies, and if you don't know who I am I've tried to tell you.
Calling for your poetry for another occurrence of the
Write something new, express yourself, and
Friday 5/20
First poem goes across the span at 6:00 pm as clocks are understood in Los Angeles.
Here's what it look like,
See ya there or be square
*finger snaps*
Please share if you care.