Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Juneteenth Wish

#Juneteenth Next year my family as children of the middle passage lets prepare a feast like the Seder #BlackSeder and tell of our freedom. We will be sure to set a place for LeRoy that brother is always late. Let's talk about Ebeneezer Bridge and Danziger Bridge Marcus Malcolm Martin and brother Chuck D. How many of us have watched a respected elder be called boy or gal let us celebrate that such disrespect is now under the breath. We will proclaim next year equality and most of all respect because like Israel it is a place that exists. Lincoln didn't grant our freedom God did and that which God bestows NO MAN MAY TAKE. Many of are in custody but all of us are free let us remember and celebrate it by holding our eyes up to the world. #juneteenth #BlackSeder

Namaste Friends.

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