Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Mini Rant on The NSA/Glenn Greenwald Grift

I wrote this as a stream of consciousness on Twitter, and I decided it needed to be together.

The President of the United States proposed we change our fear soaked war footing, instead a grifter decided we'd talk on a 5 year old story. Yes there is a reason why ending the perpetual war state and all the money attached to it got quieted by a BS Greenwald story. Greenwald who is the same dude who supported W's national security program. It's because the MSM and Greenwald are part of the racist 1% elite of Koch. Same successful tactics the Dudebros ran to depress 2010 turnout, so my question is why people and places home of failure have voice. The tactic of COINTELPRO is to promote a rat to a voice of authority within your movement then let the rat loose. That's why a man with no degrees got 122K jobs with hooked into the racist 1% network defense contractors. What do the Tea Party right and the DudeBro used to be Republican now "progressive" left? have in common? Both can call PBO Hitler. I just wish it were more slick, something new. It is pissing me off the same tired CON that's been run on America for 40 years.

They've re-hatched Jim Crow and a rat done probed my sister Nell, and Whitey's scared of drones.

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