Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Our Brilliant President

The release of the Long Form today was not intended to shut the birthers up. There is nothing anyone can do about gross ignorance and racism and as a Black man all of his life the President is absolutely aware of it. He didn’t release it for them.

The President released the long form as an indictment of our MSM which is the absolute culprit in this sorry affair.

He made it a point to tell the world what the real issue was. We have serious problems that require serious deliberations and our MSM is currently behaving like they take their standards and practices from the National Enquirer. This is dangerous for our nation with Citizens United and unlimited capital available to promote their lies. He has just tossed down a Presidential marker to be done with that silliness.

Right now in newsrooms all across the land if there are any editors or producers who still have the ability to feel shame they should be feeling it, because for three years now they have participated in an open slander of the President and his mother and father. Every birther Congressman who they molly coddled and did not call a liar every time they opened their mouths is now in their portfolio.

The birthers are now going to go the full Monty on racism. They are now going to call the President an affirmative action icon. They are going to do what they do to all people of color who have talent and have done better than them which is to call their achievements the results of some special treatment.

This is a fight as our President would say I’m willing to have and I’d like to know if it’s a fight that people who consider themselves progressives should also be willing to have. Already I see comments flying around here about how this is yet another cave, and that’s disgusting. This is ammunition for battle, but the issue is what the enemy is. Racism and the fact the Southern Strategy is still effective, or Barack Obama. The fight against racism is a life long fight for me, so there is no doubt I’m all in. The question I have in my mind is what will so called Progressives do now, will they take this opportunity to brand the Republicans as the racist nuts they are, and indict the entity we all used to know sucked the MSM, or will they attack the President.

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