Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Racism Is Now An Issue of National Security. Bin Laden’s Southern Strategy

Osama Bin Laden thought strategically as he went about trying to destroying our country and way of life. When he attacked the twin towers he was aiming at our financial structure. A strong argument can be made that he was successful in getting America to nearly bankrupt itself chasing Islamic specters.

One of the items found in that intelligence super store that his compound in Abottabad has become has gone mostly uncommented upon; Osama Bin Laden had a race based equivalent to the Republican's Southern Strategy.

Osama bin Laden aspired to damage the United States not only throughpersistent terror attacks, but also by attempting to inflame race and class tensions in hopes of tearing down the country from the inside out, according to officials briefed on the evidence trove recovered from the al Qaeda leader's Pakistan compound.

According to materials in the cache of documents recovered in the U.S. Navy SEAL raid that brought down the terror leader, bin Laden planned to specifically recruit African-American Muslim converts to carry out attacks on the homeland. The goal was to not only kill and maim in the actual operations, but to create a divisiveness that would cause more damage than al Qaeda could ever hope to do on their own.

"Because there were many blacks in the U.S., he wanted to capitalize on them to further the jihadi cause," one U.S. official told ABC News. "Al Qaeda sees the black convert community as ripe for recruiting."
ABC News Report of Osama going all Charles Manson

I wonder how Bin Laden could have gotten the idea that there was fertile ground in this country for using racial hate and animus to divide this country. We saw from one of the tapes he was an avid TV watcher, so could he have been watching in that final week confirmation of his strategy as he observed Donald Trump leap to the head of the Republican field running on birther racism.

Was he was watching the US House of Representatives investigate Muslims in this country and thought, all I have to get is one fool Black American to blow up one thing full of people. Let him be a recent convert, and Barack Obama is toast and a wave of draconian make Arizona’s SB1040 look like a welcome mat, and hello President Citizens United sweeps across the Great Satan of America.

If he was I’m certainly glad he didn’t get the chance to see those plans implemented.
Your enemies will sometimes expose your greatest weaknesses. If you’re smart you’ll do something about it before an enemy of greater skill comes along to exploit it. We can’t allow strategies that divide Americans from one another, Americans may not be the only people to employ the devise.

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