Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Week in UFO Phenomenon: Ancient Aliens in a new translation of the Bible?

Greetings UFO fans and welcome to a special edition of The Week in UFO Phenomenon.

I love attending the Seder celebrations with my new in laws. The idea of discussing history, religion, and conducting a play all at the same time really is my idea of a good time, and toss in being able to lie down and eat, well I’m there.

Anyhow one of the questions I had that stumped the family and the Rabbi wasn’t there this year surrounded how the creator in the Hebrew bible is referred to if I recall correctly Elohim and although I’m definitely not a student of Hebrew I had always thought Elohim was plural, and if that’s the case how did we end up with only one God.

So anyway I came across this Ireport from CNN regarding a group of Canadian researchers who contend that the Bible has been massively mistranslated.

A research group in Canada, has proved that the Old Testement has been massively mistranslated.
This follows three years of research, which have uncovered the actual system for translating ancient Hebrew.
The group discovered that each letter is not a letter at all, but a full word, and what was believed to be a word, is actually a sentence like description, which supplies the definition of the word. With this discovery, each word can now be properly defined and the results are astounding.
This means a word can no longer be disputed and swayed by doctrinal pressures
If accurate, the findings will rewrite everything we presently believe about the scriptual beginnings of the Earth
One of those CNN ireports

Ok so that’s interesting for sure, but what got me wanting to put out a special edition was how they translated the Good Book.


To chronicle the beginning of the supreme ones production with our celestials
and with the planet Earth.
v2 And the planet Earth had existed for a long time without attention and being of
And darkness covered the salt water ocean. And the supreme ones drew (in from an
outside source) air over the face of that water.
v3 And so declared the supreme ones,"Let that which illuminates exist and that
which illuminates occurred.
v4 And the supreme ones perceived with that which illuminates and as so were
satisfied with the results.
And with this action the supreme ones separated between that which illuminates and
the darkness.
v5 And the supreme ones named that which illuminates,"to arise" and to darkness
called by the name,"to carry away". And so existed sunset and then sunrise and
these two times are now united to be known as "The Day to Unite"

The Commandments

v1 And so the supreme ones decreed all of the decrees and declared:
v2 I, Ruler of all supreme ones who created what you have, the one who progressed
your people by colonizing you in the land of Egypt, that house of service.
v3 Do not seek the council of the supremes behind my back to seek council.
v4 Do not proceed to carve things and then everyone proceed to worship the
improvements (we made) inside of the sky, those that are above.
Nor worship anything we made to progress the Earth that is on the land, or under it.
Nor any improvements in the waters in the land.
v5 You are not to hold fasts for them nor shall you serve them in any way.
As so, I the Ruler of all, am the only one you should respond to as I prepare a place
to oversee you. To burden the lineage of sons thirty and forty years of age who
slander (these ways).
v6 And I deliver kindness to you, by my teachings, to create a refuge and to create a
warning for you through the enacting of this law.


v7 Do not exhaust the value of the name Ruler of all, your supreme one, to puff up
your statements. You are not allowed to speak my name to your statements or vows
to try and progress their validity and in doing so make my name worthless.
v8 Always remember the day of rest, as the Sabbath is special.
v9 Six long days you have to serve and work at all your jobs.
v10 The day to marvel (the seventh) is Sabbath to Ruler of all, your supreme. Do
not proceed to make anyone work, not you or your sons or daughters, who serve
you. Nothing that is in your care, not even your livestock shall work. And you are to
make sure that the poor within the city gates are given their needs. (So that they will
not have to beg on this day).
v11 As so in six days were made by Ruler of all, all that draw attention above in the
celestials, and on the Earth, and in the waters. Everything we made to progress the
Earth in those areas. All before the day to marvel as was stated and then Ruler of all
blessed the Sabbath day and held it in highest esteem over the others
The Chronicle Project

So what has this got to do with UFO fans? Well if you’re familiar with a strain of thought in the UFO community that believes humanity was actually seeded from the stars and UFO phenomenon is actually our star family it’s one of the things that makes you go hmm..

I kind of feel the need to state the points of order around here again. No one is trying to convince anyone of anything. This is a place of FUN and expansive thought.

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