Friday, August 5, 2011

G3 Geomagnetic Storm is Currently Buffeting the Earth: Auroras!


In the early morning hours UTC time of August 3rd a magnitude M 9.3 solar flare ripped off the sun’s corona. This massive event had been preceded by a couple smaller M class flares earlier in the day. We took one of the first CMEs from the sequence last night, but the M 9.3 being faster caught the earlier M 5 and they are both crashing into our magnetosphere in terms of right now

The Kp index which measures the amount of geomagnetic activity is currently at 8. (This had first read 9, that was wrong.)

Solar Ham where I get my space weather this link will take you to a tracking of the K index

The K-index is a code that is related to the maximum fluctuations of horizontal components observed on a magnetometer relative to a quiet day, during a three-hour interval. The conversion table from maximum fluctuation (nT) to K-index, varies from observatory to observatory in such a way that the historical rate of occurrence of certain levels of K are about the same at all observatories. In practice this means that observatories at higher geomagnetic latitude require higher levels of fluctuation for a given K-index.

NOAA Spaceweather Prediction Center


What that means is AURORAS!

this link shows a depiction aurora activity and as you can see the oval is heading pretty far down southward!

Check the aurora map!

Oh boy is it going to be a fun night for those in the north!

This is a Youtube of the original event of August 3rd.


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