Monday, April 20, 2015

Robert Bates and the Tulsa Sheriff's Obscene Partnership

Hello folks I just lost my shit on Twitter

I understand that Eric’s executioner Robert Bates served in some capacity as insurance broker to the Tulsa Sheriff Department.

That is a conflict of interest so vast as to be obscene.

An insurance broker earns a flat percentage of the gross premium of the client, as much as 10% for large groups.  

If he only had the broker agreement for the Tulsa Sherriff's and not the city etc. one can only imagine the monthly gross premium to be in the millions.

There are multiple lines of insurance he might be earning vast sums off the top for, health, disability, accident, long term care on and on.

The broker provides NO essential services and is engaged by merely a letter informing the various carriers that the specified broker is to be paid any commissions. 

The carrier even conducts the actual enrollment the broker is responsible for nothing.

Check that, apparently in the case of Robert Bates he was responsible for providing the essential services of access to choice toys and trips.

If we had such a thing as investigative reporters they would find out who holds the broker of record for the Sheriff’s and the city for that matter, but I begin to feel that corruption doesn't matter when it is done by special people.

Let’s recap the allegation

Robert Bates gets Tulsa sheriff to sign letter handing over millions in commissions a year.

Robert Bates then buys Tulsa sheriff toys and gifts.

Tulsa sheriff allows Robert Bates to play his fantasies which include the world where he can give pain to people.

Fuck the Police

Namaste Friends.

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  1. Jesus. Christ. This is unacceptable.He gets to pay to play/murder. Sick.