Tuesday, April 14, 2015

We Are From The Future

That was the catch line the videos I’m about to present used to catch me initially.

As am I starting to blog a little more frequently again let me catch you up on some things with me.

I say UFO as in unidentified I don't say ET because for all I know what I see is some artifact of a future man.

I see them everynight I look I’ll probably kick out  more about it when the ole muse tells me she has more for me to say about it,but so far I’m still Richard Dreyfus  from Close Encounters throwing dirt on my dining room table wondering if my family thinks I’m crazy and content to still try and find out in my yards.

So, anyway about 2 years ago my Sweetie finds a graphic for me that serves as the background to my Facebook wall and has since I first saw it.

I dig it.  Outside of looking like a White dude I think It’s a great representation of me what I’m thinking about and manifesting when I meditate with the stars and the message next to it?  I'm all about that.

Did I ever tell you how things come to me in trippy to me at least ways?

I was waving my Iphone at the UFOs and thinking welcome etc and the next time I looked at my phones browser a link to the dialogue I published above was there.  Once I had it copied onto my computer the link I got it from stopped working, meh life's a divine ride.

So why am I blogging the following videos?

Because Garret the dude apparently behind the videos says

Serendipity is one of my best friends now a days

We are From the Future

Life vs. Entropy

My brother apparently has a website should you wanna get involved any further Upriser and Way seers Manifesto

Namaste Friends!

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  1. Interesting take! The imagery that caught my imagination was the idea that instead of our many lives being linear, they coexist like segments of an orange... Need to get more sleep. Later...