Thursday, April 23, 2015

Brilliant Bridge

You are invited to join the Brilliant Bridge community and so are your friends and theirs.

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What is this place, this thing on Facebook?
It began with a vision I have for a place that will eventually have a Cafe added to the end of the name Brilliant Bridge, and be real. It can be thought of as the place of the voluntary eunuchs. Before you go hitting the unlike button that's part of my humor. I say voluntary eunuch because the very first rule is NO DICKS.

Sweetie doesn't think I'm funny either : P

The mission first and primarily is to unify behind a very simple concept. We're human. We love each other, and as social animals we find opportunities to reach out and commune with like minded individuals among the things we most fundamentally crave.
To that end the Brilliant Bridge will hopefully be one of those organizations that facilitate that desire. I see a place to gather people who will be relentlessly optimistic both on the internet and eventually in presence.  I hope to collect fellow Bridge Builders willing to support each other with the rivets and fasteners that comprise the construction of the Church of You.

The Cafe concept is an acronym. It means
The physical location will have no ability to accept money for the food we offer, and we will turn no one away. I am stealing here from a faith tradition of the Sikhs and the Langar they share before meeting.
There are lots of moving parts and I look forward to talking to anyone about anything.

Bridge Builder: Task for the next 30 days
Everyday find 10 random and unknown people walk up to them, say and then give them a high 5. That's right we're starting our crusade throwing high fives.
To the original construction crew mark you were here.
This is going to mean something

Mission Statements
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