Friday, October 29, 2010

UFO over Disneyland and Curious Police Activity

On the night of October 10th there was a mass sighting of UFO’s in Southern California. I know I saw one myself. I was not alone. I know what I saw. However there were a string of sightings that was far more interesting in the communities of Anaheim and Garden Grove. I collected them in the blog post I did the next day you can find here

Inside this collection was a film from a brother named Izayne. Izayne if you are out there you are fierce. At any rate Izayne appears to have seen this UFO along with many others and uploaded what he saw.

The next day however he noticed strange police and quasi governmental activity. He and his crew jumped in their car and chased it.

Let’s cut to Wednesday October 27th and my man Izayne sees the same crew rolling through his neighborhood.

Why are the police escorting industrial equipment, and why are they wearing masks. Oh and what was the object that Izayne saw in the sky? Mr. Blinky!

Izayne speaks! I have been watching his video for comments and he has spoken more on the subject

Ok, Im going to do a quick summery of what happened, because so many people requested just that... We heard the loud speaker yelling danger danger, Same as the very first sighting that was filmed when we caught the first footage, instantly we ran to glance, there it was again, the convoy of Patrol cars.. We ran, in pack, grabbed the big green clunker truck, Jumped in it, and the guy that films all these clips is an older 58 year old man name tattoo Joe, He says he lives near by, and always

shows up when the big Sirens and Helicopters sound off, he beat us outside with his camera, we jumped in the truck, headed where the convoy appeared to be headed... To summarize this without so much detail, When The Girl Questioned the Police, She questioned him in fear for her own Safety, nothing else.... I don't know what was said, all i know is when she ran back to the truck, she muffled hurry lets get out of here fast, turn back and shut the camera off,he was trying to shut camera off

and the next thing happened so fast, Something Blue Flew In Front Of My Friends Truck Fast and scared the shit out of all of us, that is why we started trippin out and yelling, he almost dropped the dam camera and jumped out for my own safety... The driver then started following this Blue flash the flew fast in front of the truck climbed hight in the air in 2 seconds, like WTF, that freaked all of us out and Joe tried very hard to keep the camera on it but was unable to stay on it..

Anyone think Izayne was chasing a tranformer? Well do a search on Youtube videos from people seeing UFO's in So.Cal on the 27th here is a hint.

Does that look familiar?

Hey and guess what else happened that night


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