Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My New Hobby! I’m collecting the daily UFO/Strange Stars

Since the object I’m calling Mr. Blinky showed up in my life on October 9th I’ve been like the Richard Dreyfus character from Close Encounters. Instead of building a mound though, I’m building a little file of all the daily Youtube videos from all over the world that star Mr. Blinky.

I understand that the videos from Anaheim last night have had an “official” explanation. Apparently a trucker was playing with a LED encrusted radio controlled airplane. That’s actually fantastic. He should do it again. Hey I know why they didn’t just do it again, or ok I’m speculating. Here’s the speculation. These are not the droids you seek. Lol

Anyway here is Mr. Blinky’s parade. This first guy hooked his telescope to his camera and has a really great shot of Mr. Blinky. This is exactly what I saw too.



Don’t know where this is from, but I’m starting to enjoy the conversation of the people recording the things as much as the things themselves.


ROFLMAO the ET’s are down with the Juggalos!


Why do people put creepy music in their videos of these phenomenons? I never did like the X-Files and I think it was mostly because of the music.

Alberta, Canada

This one is just described as outside his house. Don’t be afraid. Fear is the mind killer.

Waymart, PA

I love how seeing something strange isn’t gonna stop the party.

Im going to say this is Poland



The internet is ablaze with the idea that October 13th will be a day of mass sightings over major cities. That kind of made me chuckle cause when I was reading that it was October 13th somewhere on Earth. Hey I’m laughing while looking at about 50 people a day record winking lights through their iPods.

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