Sunday, October 10, 2010

Strange Star Over Southern California

Sweetie and I observed this thing move too fast to be a star i'm familiar with and a couple of other objects around it for two hours last night October 9th from about 2100 to 2300 hours. It appeared in the NE sky and appeared to transit about 25 degrees in the time we watched it. I was able to observe it on a Meade 4504 telescope (thanks Neil!) where I noted it rapidly leaving the field, and exhibiting blue yellow and red as well as white light blinking lights. The videos were taken with a very low tech digital camera.

So I do the YouTube thing to see if anyone else saw something similar on the night of October 9th and early morning hours of October 10th




Toronto, Canada

Italy and these people had a better camera caught the color

Montreal Canada

Don’t know where

Ontario Canada

New Zealand

Another satisfied customer don’t know where

Marco Island, Florida

You get the picture. There were over 25 of these from all over the world.


  1. They were there again tonight in west central MN. This time I counted 14 standing in one spot. We pointed laser pointers at them and they moved.

  2. Several people I've seen in comments through YouTube have seen that happen with this phenomenon. There also appears to be a strong rumor that October 13th will be a day of mass sightings.

  3. Thanks for the e-mail and link, i hav being tracking this for a while now. i previous one i posted was over the Atlantic, so it must be very high in the sky, there are two of them and the show up from about 6:00 on the lft from where i am and the other one is on the right. the one on the right has lots of lights around it and must be in a higher than the other one. but the one on the right seems to have two smaller objects like moons close by. still a very strange. it pass over my head about 12:00 am every night. the other seems to go down like the sunset. they could be chasing each other. but they take about 6 hrs to move from left to right. they are orbiting at the same distance.