Monday, October 11, 2010

Strange Stars/UFO's being caught on YouTube

There is something definitely going on. This is a collection of the what is it a star/ufo from the night of October 10th and 11th. What is occurring doesn’t appear to be slowing down. I took a sample on Youtube using just the search words UFO and looking for the blinking lights I saw. What I saw was amazing.


Another Orange County California


You from Jersey? I’m from Jersey!

Scotland, and for this one I just have to ask are you kidding me, look at that thing move. Is it a satellite? I don’t know do they have satellites that can change direction like this

Back in the USSR ok Russia, but I wanted to hum a Beatles song.

Same day as in Russia, but in South America



Don’t know where, but it had that feel and on the same day



So where you ever told how come there aren’t more films of UFO’s now that everyone has cameras? This is just the last two days ya’ll and as this isn’t my bandwidth I’m putting them together.

Lots of people from the OC last night here is Garden Grove

Another from the Anaheim

Viva Italia

Unless Mickey has a new effect Anaheim sure was rocking last night

Raising Arizona


Hey I know this one


Israel I guess

Again this was just for last night. The night of October 10th not the 9th where I found an additional huge amount of sightings.

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