Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Week in UFO Phenomenon: Happy World UFO Day!

I’m running out of catchy space based greetings, howdy! Any excuse for a party. Plus I just found a story that is just itching for discussion.

Today July 2nd is World UFO Day!

Why do we celebrate World UFO day?

There are several reasons why this day has found it's way into the world.
On of the first and foremost reasons is to raise awareness about the undoubted existence of UFO's and with that intelligent beings from outer space.

Also this day is used to encourage governments to unclassify their knowledge about sightings throughout the history. Many governments, the US government for instance, are believed to have gained exclusive information about UFO's through their military departments. A subject that still raises a lot of curiosity is the Roswell incident in 1947 when a believed UFO crashed in Roswel New Mexico.


The World UFO Day Organization also known as WUFODO organizes get-togethers in many countries. If you'd like to know if they organise something near you be sure to check out the World UFO Day Organization Website.

World UFO Day website

Now in honor of World UFO Day! I have gone through all of our entries from the week in YouTube and have compiled what I think are a 10 best sightings of our time here, plus a bonus entry that is just in my opinion the most flat out entertaining I have ever seen.

Before we get into the YouTubes presentation, let’s talk about this article reposted from Pravda by Archaeology Daily News. I understand Pravda has a tabloidish reputation, I haven’t been able to find anything about the named scientist in the article from the Google, but sheesh, it’s an interesting story.

The remains belong to gigantic creatures that bear little resemblance to humans. Head of research group believes that they could be visitors from another planet who died as a result of a catastrophe.

According to the scientists, they were buried at least 500 years ago. At first, researchers thought that they came across the remains of ancient settlements, but no signs of human life have been found nearby.

The 40 communal graves had approximately 200 bodies in them, all perfectly preserved. The creatures were tall - approximately 7 feet. Their heads were disproportionately large and they had no mouth, nose or eyes.

The anthropologists believe that the creatures were members of an alien landing, possibly destroyed by some terrestrial virus to which they had no immunity. However, no traces of the landing of the spacecraft or its fragments were discovered.

This is not the first such finding. In the summer of 1937 a group of Chinese scientists led by Professor Chi Putei surveyed the caves of Mount Bayan-Kara-Ula. Inside they found skeletons with excessively large heads and puny bodies. Nearby there were 176 stone plates. In the center of each plate there was a hole from which a spiral groove spread out to the perimeter with some characters on it.

In addition, the cave walls were covered with pictures of the rising sun, moon and stars, with many painted dots or small items, slowly approaching the mountains and the earth's surface.

Archaeology Daily News

Anyway you’ll want to read the article it is wild.

Now for the star of the show!


This is the newest in the hall of fame and is currently going viral. So far the best debunking of it talks in terms of how easy it would be for it to be faked, which doesn’t really speak to if this is fake or not. I know one of the ways I look at it is to look at the behavior of the poster before he goes all Richard Dreyfus from ET. He appeared to be a “normal” bloke and this is the second time he saw something, and believe me after you see something the first time, you’re kind of looking for there on in.

Fresh off the presses!


I have said before that I enjoy watching these things about 40% for the conversations that occur and the impressions expressed by the people who film them. THIS IS MY ENTIRE FAVORITE! I love these men, and I discovered them right when I was in my Richard Dreyfus phase and they made me laugh my entire ass off.

Namaste friends, and Happy World UFO Day!

Now for just a little housekeeping, I am going to move the full issue day of TWiUP from Tuesday to Thursday, so you can consider this this week’s Tuesday edition. There is already a fantastic movie double featured cued up and ready to go for a nice lazy Sunday, so see you there.

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