Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Week in UFO Phenomenon: Teacher’s Metallic Find Tests Out of This World


Hello folks! It's TWiUP time again. Submitted for your approval we have the story of Frank Kimbler Earth Sciences and Geology teacher at the New Mexico Military Institute. Frank like many Americans had experienced his own UFO sighting, and when he had the opportunity to move near Roswell decided to see if he could find any physical evidence from the UFO crashes that supposedly occurred around Roswell in the late 1940’s

He started with satellite imagery of the area, and apparently found some anomalies that he felt strong enough about to hit the area with a metal detector.

The entire story of how he found what he did is very interesting and do go to the link and explore it more, but for the purposes of our presentation, lets skip to just the discussion of the object.

Kimbler felt the small silvery pieces were interesting enough for further analysis. To get some help he went to theRoswell International UFO Museum and Research Center. Located in downtown Roswell, the museum is the main hub for Roswell UFO crash research. He showed the material to the museum’s director, Julie Shuster, and was able to meet with researcher Don Schmitt. They decided to fund the first test which was done by New Mexico Tech in Socorro. Using a micro-probe, they were able to determine the material’s composition. It turned out to be an aluminum, silicon, manganese, copper alloy. It is not unknown, but it is used in construction and not usually found in a foil form.


This further inspired Kimbler to get some isotope work done on the piece. Kimbler says the isotope work is so important because the ratios are “very much like our fingerprints.” Certain concentrations of elements on earth are unique to Earth. So if you know isotopic ratios for magnesium, it will be the same for anything on earth with magnesium, but if it is not from Earth, it will have a different ratio. For instance meteorites have different ratios because they are not from Earth. Isotopic analysis is necessary to determine if a material is from Earth or another world.


Bigelow Aerospace showed some interest in helping Kimbler with his analysis, but after spending months with little results, Kimbler had to go elsewhere. Kimbler was able to find another lab with multiple certifications willing to do the work. The UFO Museum put up the money, and the results were back in five days. Kimbler says he almost fell over when he saw the information. The ratios were off, and as he puts it there were only two answers to explain the results, “either the lab made an analytical error or the material is not from Earth.”

Link to Open Minds that has the full story

The link above contains the entire story as well as what has been described as pictures of the material as well as the analysis.

The week in YouTube has been absolutely amazing. I wish I had known how freaking popular Chinese lanterns would be or I would have bought stock. If you’ve been following the Youtube presentations you’d remember a pretty startling capture from London a couple weeks ago, and the drumbeat of interesting captures has just continued. So, we’re going to do The Week in YouTube in themes this week.

Attack of the Killer Balloons?

Ok, so gay people are the most fun to watch when they film UFO’s hands down

This weeks STARS!

This guy was captured twice Georgia and in Berlin, Aurora?

Like London, but captured worldwide


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