Monday, September 19, 2011

The Week in UFO Phenomenon: My Story Updated

My blood sugar is fine Moms!

There is a cherished story in my family around when my Uncle came and visited us from back east. During his stay he had an episode that led to the final diagnosis of his diabetes. He decided that we had Patty Hearst chained in our basement and decided to climb up on our basketball goal to tell the world. It took us a solid hour to talk him down.

So when I saw my first UFO and decided to come out with what I saw, I wasn’t surprised to be invited to go get my sugar checked. I did. I’m fine Ma.

Now I have a cherished story. When my sweetie and I were married maybe 7 or 8 years (number 26 coming up) we were working on the roof, and she saw a classic triangle craft and I did not. I semi ridiculed her but she did her lady thing just gracefully accepted the ribbing, but knew what she saw, now that I’ve seen some things etc. she's giving years of I told you so in the kind of way only a lady can. Proving to me the universe does balance.

In October the star Capella rises almost perfectly up a telephone pole in my backyard where I like to set up my telescope. I like to observe Capella it’s about the 5th or 6th if I recall correctly brightest stars visible and on October 9th I was trying to see if I could observe it’s double using my weak binoculars.

I looked down for a brief moment and when I looked back up again there was an object brighter than Capella about 15 or 20 degrees below it. It was brighter in my estimation than Sirius, and I said OH SHIT WTF IS THAT! Like loudly. I watched if for about 15 minutes and it caught Capella in it’s motion, and I said holy Jesus, holy Jesus. I ran in and got my Sweetie she got her even weaker than my binoculars camera and started filming it.

I ran in and got my Meade 4504 and a good eyepiece and set it up. If you hear clicking etc in the video above that’s me setting up the telescope. Ok so it was harder than heck to lock the object up. My telescope doesn’t have a dobsonian mount (don’t buy a telescope without a dobsonian mount) so pointed it at a moving object and focusing it was more than a challenge, but I did it gosh darn it. Now after I saw what I saw I went about Richard Dreyfus from Close Encounters (duh huh?) I got straight focused and wanted to know if anybody else had seen anything that night, and that’s when I got stuck on the YouTubes. There were 100’s of uploads that night and the subsequent nights from regular folks just like myself. I decided I would start a collection, but I got bored after a few days. Then I saw this from Sweden, and if anybody can tell me what this dude is saying I sure would appreciate it. This is the exact phenomena I saw from my own telescope.

I watched it for a solid 3 hours or so. It bounced around it moved, it freaking gave birth to a light orb that flew away, but here’s where the tinfoil really comes in. I could “sense” it wanted us to look at it. As if it was a beacon, as if it was just screaming LOOK AT ME FOOLS! Yeah I know it this is the time of the rational man, we don’t feel things our senses fool us, yadda and yadda, but I’m a spiritual person and one more time gosh darn it I felt it. Then just when I was trying to get a better eyepiece in my telescope the thing straight disappeared. It didn’t fly away it was there one minute looked down, and gone.

So who are the new agers below? They see what I see now on a nightly basis and no what I see and what I believe they see AINT NO SATELLITE. I see as many as 10 an hour on some nights and they interact on a mental level. You can say Adept check that blood sugar again if you want, but I’ve held demonstrations. I had an entire Halloween Party, I’ve had anybody who wants to hang out with me in my front yard to see them. My blood sugar is fine MOMS! I’ve even had her out to see them, and you know what she says? She says Meh. I’ve had my NASA family out to see them, and you know what they say? They say hmmmm.

Update 12/10/12

Ok so the sky has been very full of whatever the things I see and tonight was no different except I caught one on my cell phone!


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  1. I was in west Africa for about 7 months, the whole time I was there I saw the same thing in the sky dancing around, I filmed it and showed my Family and Friends and they had a fit, my grandchildren love to look at it, no planes come in and out over that part of Africa at night and the people I was staying with could not believe there eyes, people came out to see it, I know there REAL and the whole world will soon see them even in the DAY time,