Monday, June 15, 2015

Brilliant Bridge: What's the Role of Others on the Bridge

A Light on the Bridge asks

Adept2u how do you see the role of the other Brilliancy here what kind of community are you trying to build?

I’m glad you asked.

Think of Brilliancy on the Bridge as having a movie theater where they are inviting the rest of us to watch the presentation they have prepared for us, called Life. 
They are the projectionist they are in charge of the entire presentation and they have invited us to sit in the audience.

Brilliant Bridge members are there to CHEER THE MOVIE!

Suspend disbelief. Fall in love. In fact if you can you’re gonna help that movie win an the Academy Award for Best Picture.
Are you a critic? (Yes, I understand how criticism can be constructive)

The door is over there it has a big green Exit sign.

Thanks for asking. Someone else ask a question

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  1. I love what you bring to the world Nostra! My husband will often bust up laughing at some of your tweets, at the same time I'm meditating on your other tweets. You are truly well-balanced and loving and bright, a shining star in a sea of mediocrity and apathy. I'm going to make him bring me out west to meet you and the Mrs. one day! Be ready!