Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Brilliant Bridge: I'm Going On Netroots Radio.

A Netroots whoa whoa Radio Show!


I'm happy to announce I'll take my act to the bar of Justice and next week on 6/24 step to the mic and join him for a chat on his Netroots Radio show. We already know and love Justice from his participation in our Poetry Slam.

Which by the way we will do again THIS FRIDAY.

I don't mind chasing you down for your entries but you can e-mail me at remember attach some art and Jazz or I'll do it for you.

Who is the gentleman below? Well that is my BigDaddy y'all might say Grandfather but he'd tell you your Father is in heaven. He was the first Black DJ in Northern Georgia, and as y'all know how full of woo I am, you'll know the frequency of the ancestor I'm going to dial for support in the next week : )

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