Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kos Got me Uncle Marcus, but I'm not DEAD I'll be at the People's View

I wanted to put up a quick post for the many friends that I had when I was a participant on the Daily Kos. To those interested in who Uncle Marcus was go ahead and visit the site, find my profile I'm Adept2u there is a post with his name on it, or you can grab one of my last comments and examine its sig line. This will definitely be the last time I refer a single person to click that site.

To those wondering if I’ll seek re-instatement, the answer is no.

Despite the management's opinion it was never about the criticism, which I routinely destroyed but the racist manner they allowed the criticism to be expressed, and certain basic understandings by the management there are not open to discussion. If you would like any further explanation on that, just let me say there is a reason that place is 97% White.

So, no I won’t be playing in that sandbox anymore, however I do have a new one.

I requested and have been invited to become a contributor at The People's View

To my many haters out there I have a video for you

And a haiku!

In a hostile crowd
Outnumbered bloody battle
Your tormentor lives

Update 12:00 Friday September 9th

Interestingly I recieved an e-mail from managment of the above site accusing me of a lack of veracity in not mentioning that I had sought re-instatement immediately after I found out about my banning. This posting was a reflection of my thoughts after I had received managements reply and in no way was meant to imply I never sought re-instatement. It is meant to imply I will not in the future.

Update 9:00 Saturday September 10th

Several people seem to have question as to whether I might at some point change my mind and request re-instatement.

I am a proud and unbowed Black man
I would lay in the gutter and suck goat dick for a quarter before I asked Markos Moulitsas for a motherfucking thing.
If I were to be burning. Literally I'm on fire and he had a bucket of water I would prefer to burn. I tell you guys what. I'll come back when he front pages a diary apologizing to me.


  1. You are the most awesome!

    Hell of a film clip, Man With Knife in Back. :)

  2. Dear Adept, I'm so glad to have found your blog. I don't want to lose touch with you: I love your energy and very much respect your courage.

    :) scribe

  3. Adept,

    I left DK a while ago and left behind the identity I had developed there - NLinStPaul. Now I'm "Smartypants."

    My reason for leaving was that I came to a place where I didn't see the point of it all anymore. I didn't mind fighting - as a matter of fact, I kind of enjoy it. But it never seemed to make a difference.

    Anyway, I just wanted to stop by to say that I'm sorry for the damage that continues to go on there. But I'm also here to say that there is blogging life after DK!!!!

    We have a wonderful group of sites that are spreading the good word. TPV is one of them so I'm glad to hear you'll be posting there. Here's a link to my place in case you ever want to stop in to say "hi."

    See you around the pragmatic progressive blogosphere!!!!

  4. Hey Adept...

    I'm a little shocked at all of the recent developments at the Orange Crush and I will be reviewing my own future there. I will follow you up on the TPV for sure.

    Keep doing you. I have always respected your candor and your courage. Believe me when I say in the end, it will be the Big O's loss.

    I don't think they understand how much of a loss at the moment.

  5. Adept

    I hope you know that warriors never die.

    Stand firm, let your works be true--Peter Tosh

    Be well, brother.

  6. Thanks for drawing a line in the sand—it matters. Be safe and see you at TPV!