Thursday, September 8, 2011

Two Solar Flares M5.3 and X2 Preliminary Indications Earth Facing now a Third

Just found out a very large section of Southern California has lost power and earlier today there was another X-flare and A strong M-Class flare registering M6.7 took place at 15:46 UTC around active Sunspot 1283


Well sky watchers remember that NASA press conference that spoke of a relatively mild solar cycle 24? I guess it’s all about the average. We experienced 2 fairly strong flares today an M5.3 at at 1:50 UTC and a real jolt of the X2.1 at 22:20 UTC.

These flares shot off sunspot 1283 which is fortunately or unfortunately sitting almost dead center of the suns disk. Preliminary reports do appear to show that both eruptions produced CMEs or coronal mass ejections which will most likely strike the earth.

Here’s the M5

The X flare

That’s some real dramatic music huh?

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