Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Week in UFO Phenomenon: BREAKING UFO seen by Thousands over West coast and Arizona!

He’s back!

Howdy TWiUPians, and welcome once again to The Week in UFO Phenomenon. This was a series I began on another blogging website, but have always mirrored here. As that other site has banned me, and the other sites I place my political writings on are not well suited for this kind of substance, we have the good ole Adept’s Journey, and how ever many people are following is nothing but gravy.

You guys can go ahead and place comments. They don’t show up because, get this. I moderate them. So, obviously if you’re going to question my sanity or insult me which was a hallmark of interaction on the other site, there will be no zapping, you just won’t see it litter the work.

So, let’s start with the exciting as all heck story!

Goodness! Homeboy from the video keeps saying it flashed, blue green orange, Now if you were a normal follower of TWiUP you’d remember that your humble blogger here had a very similar sighting.

 Residents in and around the Southland reported seeing a series of strange lights up in the sky Wednesday night.
Viewers described shooting lights with many colors and even a tail.The first reports came from Riverside County around 7 p.m. Wednesday. Within a half hour, several Orange County residents also reported seeing the lights. After about an hour, reports were coming from all over the West.


Here are some first hand accounts from the CBS website

Anonymous: “I was on my cell outside, in City of industry when I looked up and saw the green, orange falling object about 7:40 p.m. As I saw it my buddy was on his way home on the 91 and he saw it at the same time. " 

Bernadette:  “I live in Quartz Hill. It was green in color and very large.”
Francesa D: “I live in Chino it looked like a falling star at first and continued on forever with a reddish green tail behind it before it was too low to see anymore. “

Chasen H: “I was on the 405 South and saw a bright light in the east. I thought it was a helicopter with its searchlight on but saw it aim downward, turn green and streak towards the ground. I was at the Carson/Harbor Gateway border at the time.”

Terr: “I am in south Ontario. My daughter and I were in the driveway as we saw the fiery yellow and orange falling. We thought maybe it was a firework of some sort. But wasn’t. It was very bright and pretty big in size. We lost sight of it behind trees.”

Gerardo H.: “My friend in Vegas said a green thing landed on the next block over and the military has it blocked off. 
CBS News report, but it's all over the web!

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Namaste friends!  Keep looking up, and especially now.  Sundays movie edition will contain 2 weeks of UFO sightings plus a really fun documentary, so I can't wait to see you there

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