Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Week in UFO Phenomenon: Hessdalen Strange Lights in Norway


Happy søndag til alle UFO-fans, og velkommen!

It’s another great Sunday and time for another edition of TWiUP Sunday at the Movies.
Today we’re going to explore the far north for an absolutely fascinating recurring phenomenon the Hessdalen lights and the documentary The Portal The Hessdalen Lights Phenomenon.

Unusual lights have been reported here since 1940s or earlier. Especially high activity of Hessdalen lights took place from December 1981 until the summer of 1984 when lights were observed 15 to 20 times per week. The frequency of the lights caused a gathering of numerous tourists staying there overnight to see the phenomenon.[1] Since then, the activity has decreased and now the lights are observed some 10 - 20 times per year.
The Hessdalen light most often is a bright, white or yellow light of unknown origin standing or floating above the ground level. Sometimes the light can be seen for more than one hour. There are several other types of unexplained lights observed in the Hessdalen valley.

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One of my favorite types of phenomenon in that it touches on an idea that I just love considering. That part of the UFO phenomenon very well might be extra-dimensional as well as extra-terrestrial it also the idea that if the phenomenon is extra-terrestrial the beings may have some ability to manipulate space time and open portals.

When stuff like this happens in Norway, it just brings it to mind.

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This happened on Friday 6/24 in England and the person who did the uploading here seems to have a bit of a swarm going on in his neighborhood as this is the second time he’s caught something in a short time. I don’t know if it is CGI or whatever, but I was obviously impressed. This will most definitely lead off the Tuesday edition UFOs hate NUKES and its’ The Week in YouTube, but like I said, it tripped me out!

Namaste friends!

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  1. Hessdalen, in my opinion represents the UFO phenomenon in a miniature version. The entire spectrum is represented - from lights in the sky, to close encounters. By studying Hessdalen, I am convinced that we will come closer to the answer to the global UFO phenomenon. This, among other things, I try to deepen in my blog: