Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fukushima: Crimes Against Humanity Lies

They are lying. They have been lying from day one through today, but in this case their lies are putting at risk the health of millions including yours and mine.

The Japanese government has expressed regret for not disclosing some important results of the radiation monitoring conducted near the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant soon after the accident.


A reading on March 12th, one day after the massive earthquake and tsunami hit the plant, shows that radioactive tellurium was detected 7 kilometers away. Tellurium is produced during the melting of nuclear fuel.

Three hours before the data was collected, the government expanded the radius of the evacuation area around the plant from 3 kilometers to 10 kilometers.
But the government's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency reported at a news conference several hours later that the nuclear fuel was intact.
The government also failed to disclose the high radiation levels in weeds 30 to 50 kilometers from the plant.
On March 15th, 123 million becquerels of radioactive iodine-131 per kilogram were detected 38 kilometers northeast of the plant.

Professor Yasuyuki Muramatsu of Gakushuin University says radioactive iodine has a high effect on children. He says that if the data had been released earlier, more measures could have been taken to protect them from exposure.

Regret? Are you double barreled hot shitting me? Let’s make sure we got this straight Tepco/Japanese government. You reported the fuel was intact. I remember it don’t worry only a few feet of the core was exposed blah blah blah, but at the time you knew that substances that are only produced by nuclear reaction were sitting on the ground 7 kilometers away. You scum sucking liars.

All 3 of those piles have been cooking for a month now, (remember when they were saying 1 had cold shut down? BWAHAHAHAHHAH) so these atomic piles have now become a new substance on earth they call corium and they have melted down, meh into the basements? they have definately left the containment vessels.

Nuclear boy has shit like the facehugger monster from Alien and he has burned through his diaper, so the corium is now headed south to the water table, and it should get there if it will say in about a month or so and BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM thermal explosion when a substance a couple ticks off as hot as the sun hits a water table and you have 3 atomic geisers like old faithful except it goes off continuously as opposed to on the hour.

That's just the fun with the reactors, want to talk fun with the fuel pools? Take that scenario and put it in an open air environment nuclear boy never had on a diaper, and run it. Let's add on to now the fuel has interesting geometries we get us a little criticality explosion like what happened at Kyshtym , so far I'd say the pools are probably cooking so hard no one who wants to keep their lives can work anywhere near them for more than 5 minutes. Now they should have a line of say 20K people ready to get digging and see if they can't go under the entire thing with some sort of moderator tomb idea, it needs to be like a hoover dam effort, do you see anything like that? Me either..

For the last two weeks at least 4 times a day I’ve taken to looking at the live feeds from TEPCO and JPN You can watch both here I don’t know if they want us to believe them or our lying eyes, but that complex has been smoking and steaming for at least 2 weeks, and today?

The operator of the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant says steam was observed coming out of the floor of the No.1 reactor building, and extremely high radiation was detected in the vicinity
Tokyo Electric Power Company inspected the inside of the No.1 reactor building on Friday with a remote-controlled robot.

TEPCO said it found that steam was rising from a crevice in the floor, and that extremely high radiation of 3,000 to 4,000 millisieverts per hour was measured around the area. The radiation is believed to be the highest detected in the air at the plant.

TEPCO says the steam is likely coming from water at a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius that has accumulated in the basement of the reactor building.
The company sees no major impact from the radiation so far on ongoing work, as it has been detected only within a limited section of the building

Another NHK linkl

How long must the Japanese people and the very world allow TEPCO and the Japanese government to piss in our faces and call it rain water? Perhaps when there is an actual threat to these inept peoples liberty they will treat this with the requisite seriousness, and stop with all the freaking lies.

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  1. Re Kyshtym: "According to Gyorgy,[13] who invoked the Freedom of Information Act to gain access to the relevant Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) files, the CIA knew of the 1957 Mayak accident all along, but kept it secret to prevent adverse consequences for the fledgling American nuclear industry. In 1990 the Soviet government declassified documents pertaining to the disaster." Wikipedia.

    "Kept it secret." Always, the true filth is about money.