Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Week in UFO Phenomenon: I Know What I Saw


It’s Sunday at the movies again for TWiUP and I have a fantastic offering for all my out of this world aficionados.

This movie tells the story primarily of the 1997 mass sightings that occurred in Arizona seen by thousands of people including former Arizona Governor Fife Symington.

This story is interesting to me because it illustrates a dominant theme in those who have seen UFO phenomenon. It appears there are 2 camps of those who don’t believe they are crazy. One will almost hypnotize themselves that they didn’t see it, and they are normal, and they end up with the same issues anyone who makes a habit of lying to themselves has, and the other side who faces equally daunting problems because they know what they saw.

At any rate it’s a fun movie and a fun way to drop an hour and a half.

Wasn’t that fun?

Namaste friends and see you on Tuesday with the regular offering. I’m considering talking about the Belgian wave, and I’m still looking for people willing to share their own experiences with UFO phenomenon so message me. So far I only have 2 people willing to get down, and we can do better than that!

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