Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Week in UFO Phenomenon: Hail to the Chiefs!

Wassup again my fellow travelers and welcome to what I hope will be a real fun edition of TWiUP and perhaps even a series within a series presidential UFO stories. I’m not going to include our current President. I’m still sore with him about the issue because he clowned us along with Donald Trump…Where’s Biggie and Tupac, what really happened at Area 51. He can make it all better by telling everything he knows about Area 51 : )

I’d like to begin with a man we all know and love ole number 40 Ronald Wilson Reagan.

The Dutch is my favorite of the UFO Presidents. He’s a dude who didn’t seem afraid to live by his own impressions. Following is a nice rundown of when Ronnie knew what he saw.

Reagan was missing when the party began and the party was held up until he and Nancy arrived nearly an hour late. According to both Allen’s and Ball’s version of events Reagan was very excited. He described the fact that he and Nancy had seen a UFO while coming down the coast highway to Los Angeles and stopped to watch the event. Some unconfirmed stories of the event stated that the object actually landed. Lucy in her account of the event stated, “After he elected President, I kept thinking about that event, and wondered if he still would have won if he told everyone that he saw a flying saucer.”

The other Reagan sighting occurred in 1974 just before Reagan ended his second term as governor. The story was told by Air Force Colonel Bill Paynter who became the pilot of Reagan’s Cessna Citation jet plane following his retirement from the Air Force.

It a story Ronald Reagan told to Norman Miller, Washington Bureau Chief for the Wall Street Journal, the governor’s plane was making an approach to land in Bakersfield California. It was during the descent that Reagan noticed a strange light behind the plane. "We followed it for several minutes, Reagan told Miler. “ It was a bright white light. We followed it to Bakersfield and all of a sudden to our utter amazement it went straight up into the heavens."

Paynter, the pilot stated, “"it appeared to be several hundred yards away" and it was "a fairly steady light until it begun to accelerate. Then it appeared to elongate. Then the light took off. It went up a 45 degrees angle at a high rate of speed. Everyone on the plane was surprised."


I actually just ran across this today and it was priceless to me. This account is from an interview in when Steven Spielberg screened ET.

Quint: Now, I’ve heard a story that I wanted to run by you. I have no idea if it’s true, but an effects friend of mine told me about a special screening of E.T. for Ronald Reagan. Have you heard this story?

Steven Spielberg: I was there!

Quint: The story I heard is that when Reagan saw it he started talking about how close to reality it was and he was quickly ushered out of the room. Is that true?

Steven Spielberg: No, he wasn’t ushered out of the room. He was the President of the United States! Nobody could usher Ronald Reagan out of the room! It was in the White House screening room and Reagan got up to thank me for bringing the film to show the President, the First Lady and all of their guests, which included Sandra Day O’Connor in her first week of as a Justice of the Supreme Court, and it included some astronauts… I think Neil Armstrong was there, I’m not 100% certain, but it was an amazing, amazing evening.

He just stood up and he looked around the room, almost like he was doing a headcount, and he said, “I wanted to thank you for bringing E.T. to the White House. We really enjoyed your movie,” and then he looked around the room and said, “And there are a number of people in this room who know that everything on that screen is absolutely true.”

And he said it without smiling! But he said that and everybody laughed, by the way. The whole room laughed because he presented it like a joke, but he wasn’t smiling as he said it.

The room did laugh and then later on I’ll never forget my conversation with the President. He pulled me aside, he said… and I can’t do Reagan. I wish I could do that breathy, wonderful voice of his… And Nancy Reagan was standing right next to him and the President said to me, “I only have one criticism about your movie,” and I said “What’s that?” He said, “How long were the end credits?” I said, “Oh, I don’t know. Maybe three, three and a half minutes?” He said, “In my day, when I was an actor, our end credits were maybe 15 seconds long.”
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The week in Youtube

I’m dying to know what these people from these places are saying.

Youtube was full of the above example from all over the world too.

Crop circle season! If you missed Sunday’s TWiUP at the movies here’s a link As it’s crop circle season I’m going to show some of the fun formations that have occurred in the previous week.

Namaste friends and see you Sunday unless something exciting happens. Oh and remember I'm still hoping to do a feature called Kossack tales. Come out into the light. How can people who call themselves Hippies be shy about admitting they believe in UFO stories and have seen a trippy thing or two? Shoot me a message if you're willing to share and write up your story.

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