Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Week in UFO Phenomenon: Wingmakers

Hello once again citizens of the cosmos, and welcome to what I’m sure will be an interesting and somewhat different edition of The Week in UFO Phenomenon (TWiUP).

Have you ever considered the idea that the things people see in the sky may not be extra-terrestrial, but perhaps extra-dimensional? Have you ever considered that perhaps the visitors are not extra-dimensional, but perhaps even a future version of humanity that is visiting this time stream?

Well if you have then this edition is going to be really fun as we discuss a group of people who feel the same way and more.

It’s interesting how I came to find out about them. I was listening to progressive radio the Thom Hartman show to be exact. I enjoy listening to and participating in their chat room and his administrators in the room a lady named Sue N shot me this link.


So, upon first stumbling into the Wingmakers site there was something about the story that at first glance tickled my interest. It was a very good Sci-Fi story at the very least, and then I fell into the art. It was beautiful. It haunted me. So, I think hmm,. We got an artist and a writer cool double feature. I then was inspired to look for Wingmakers on YouTube and I ran into “A Fire For You” the poem I have embedded above. I must say that although all my life I’ve loved prose I could always take or leave poetry, ok I could leave it. I’m thinking back now and I can’t think of a single poem that has inspired me, but “A Fire for You” as it was presented rocked me to my soul. I cried. I still can barely play it without tears bursting out, but that’s ok. Apparently I needed to do that.

Question 1 - Where, or from whom, does the material for the WingMakers' materials originate?

In the summer of 1998 I was contacted by a woman who claimed to be familiar with my work at South Bay Group (a consulting company), and wanted to hire me to post and manage a website with some "unusual" content. I told her I'd review the content and as long as I didn't find it objectionable, I'd try to help her out.

She sent me four CDs, which arrived the next day to my office. Within the CDs were nearly a thousand pages of material (text), images (artwork), music files (digital samples), and of course the website, which was virtually intact as it's represented on the web today. Since then I've received additional CDs with new content (most recently, the material for the book).
The exact source of the material remains a mystery. However, an individual by the name of "James" has, as of February of 2001, stepped forward as the sole creator of all the content contained on this site. More can be learned about James' identity and purpose by reading the questions and answers within the Creator section of the website

Link to the Wingmakers and their material

The Week in YouTube


Crackin’ in Italy last week.

Videos where the phenomenon look similar in a week always catch my eye.

Did you participate in Sunday at the Movies? This guy looks very similarly to the UFO’s caught in the documentary presented about UFOs over South America.

Crop Circle Season!

Namaste friends, and see you on Sunday.

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