Monday, May 11, 2015

And We Danced

I’ve noticed I say a lot with the avatar I choose on twitter.  For the last long period I exhibited an avatar of feminine divinity, power and fortuitous good luck and Serendipity in the form of Lakshmi which I think was because of the birth of my baby Brilliant Bridge.

Now I’m in my adventure shirt of which I have many but they all follow a similar theme. As vibrant a color or pattern as Sweetie can find for me (I don’t have to shop : P) and etc, but that’s not the subject of this blog.

On the Brilliant Bridge we have a new assignment where we’re going to blog about the happiest day of our lives like a Christmas a birthday an etc. 

As always I’m going to go first on the Bridge because

I share myself openly because I’m not afraid.

This is the Avatar I’ve rocked on twitter for the longest period of time 18 months

It’s me dancing with my daughter at her wedding.

Can you believe most people in the audience began the day thinking I was going to die?

I knew I wasn't but I can tell you the exact moment through decades of time I caught the disease, Is anyone out there old enough to remember this commercial?

My baby was maybe 3 and I was already more in love than I thought I could ever be with a person.  I broke out into tears and I thought oh man trouble, I can’t fight this, however I had by then already established a policy with myself to not go to war with my emotions, and to consider them as not me but the expression of me I have to allow so I cried during the commercial until Kodak put it on the shelf.

So the clock ticked and sun rose and sunset.

Round about her 10th grade year another boy steps up to the plate.

By the time my daughter brought him around for me to assess I knew this was going to be a brother that was not going to let go.  I know the feeling I found my Sweetie when I was 20 we’ll be married 30 years this year, and I knew the look.

 I will make you promises I will never break.

I was like dayum then proceed young man, and so he did.  He captured her heart and he took out a mortgage on it after saving and depositing one hell of a down payment.  Her boys had always had names that carried the menace intended.  There was Stink Boy and there was Dumb Boy, and you get the message.  All fathers have to convey that should you at all damage their daughters you will deposit them into the desert someplace nobody is going to find them, until they lose the boy title and become Bunny.

So the day came and as it approached, the Creator whispered in my ear “You’re Daddy’s little Girl” and I practiced my projectile crying.  In my office I’d break out weeping and then have to explain no, I’m just like that my daughter’s getting married..Awwww.

Then the day came and have you seen the wedding from Fandango?  How beautiful it was how the streams of rivers very mighty but coming from far away were about to merge.  Man their wedding was all that times lovely.

My daughter was even more so.

Cue the music make it nice and LOUD IN YOUR HEAD "You're Daddy's Little Girl"

Let the waterworks flow you’ve been practicing all her life for this.

People who were there tell the tale.  Of how my Mom almost came out of the audience for me like she would have if I had ever lain on the ground for a moment after a rough hit when I played football.  How others wondered if I were in someway unhappy with the groom or had problems letting go.

Naw, Daddy’s little girl was going down the aisle and she had instructions for me to follow a script and I had a things to remember, but my friends that was the happiest moment of my life.

What does that have to do with the 18 months you danced with your daughter on Twitter?
I wanted to hold her up for those two 9 month periods. I know what I was dreaming of at the wedding and look what Daddy’s little girl gave me

Namaste Friends I love you all.