Monday, May 4, 2015

Venus Jupiter and Mercury in his Eyes

Venus Jupiter and Mercury in his Eyes

He was born in the time of a rare conjunction. 
My daughter grew to new levels of wisdom only labor teaches and as she learned
I observed its progress through the night and a day as she lie
I noted its progress in the sky.
I wondered about his beauty and the enormity of any task what message was its delivery a function.

My baby is a miracle the streams of his river so often blocked
For 3000 years one side harried with no home for 150 the other side feeling like a family alone.
Asunder in tyrants inhumanities visit what armor could I give him how do I cover his people left and docked.

Such a serious man my time machine, but already and abundantly with the answers they sheen.
I love you PopPop Grampy I love you too, and in that sweet answer hope springs always anew.

I know where part of the answer of Venus, Jupiter and Mercury lies

They look out of the time machine of the planets eyes.

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  1. Your love for your family is absolutely evident in every single thing you do and say. It's something for us all to aspire to.