Friday, May 15, 2015

Brilliant Bridge now Spans to Google+

If things go bump in the night today with the flow of the postings of Facebook don't worry Brilliant Bridge. We're barely a month old and already we're picking up stakes and expanding. I have expanded the concept of Brilliant Bridge onto Google+. Both social spots will have the same information, however with Google+ if you ask for the content the Bridge provides you'll get it.

It is also, a WAY better social media platform when compared with Facebook. My first 12 hours on it can be compared to escaping AOL as gatekeeper when the entire internet opened up.

Whatever Facebook we'll hang our here, and we'll hang out on Google+ then we'll have our first physical presence and serve delicious vegetarian meals and coffee free of charge and the other vegetable I'll be giving out free of charge well...Did I mention I was Rasta?

That is the world's cutest insect the poodle moth.  Why did I put that in the middle of my blog?  I'm whimsical as hell.

Here is the link to give to all your friends.

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