Sunday, May 10, 2015

Musings from the Fair

The following is a Twitter stream of consciousness I discovered made a blog.

I share myself openly because I am not afraid.

I had another sales job I loved before. I worked for a company that produced job fairs for the individual NAACP orgs around the country. We held shows in 25 odd cities about 50 shows a year we would sell 75 to 100 booths a show we would charge 6000 dollars a piece for. It was a staff of 4 that traveled and put on a show and there were 10 sales people I was one of two black ones. Yo the man who ran the show paid on commission and you don't work commission like that unless you're Splinter level sales. So wed travel each sales person did 15 shows cause we never kept sales people I did tons of shows travelling is FUCKED after you do it 3 mos. We would have lines completely qualified Negroes going up and down city blocks google the NAACP high tech and diversity job fairs back when. I made it my job to grab a box of show brochures and I greeted. Chicago did you go to the NAACP job fair?
Did a kind black man give you pointers

That was me all across america


Wished them good luck

That is why you CAN NOT TELL ME THERE ARE NOT THOUSANDS IN EVERY CITY QUALIFIED NEGRO. Had the VP of Halliburton tell me there were none, and I knew he was a lying motherfucker cause he hired 3, wonder why he lied? Oh yeah VP of Diversity oh hai remember me? Why did you spend 100K of your companies money and not send any recruiters? Fuck you 15 years later. So on Sept 6 beautiful fucking day in S. Cal I'm thinking FUCK another show in NYC I DON'T WANT TO GO. new rep in the office says ME! Cool I'll go play with Sweetie and my baby, I'm gonna bounce from Shomex anyway. He'll handle my clients etc. and guess what happens on the day of the show 9/11 Madison Square. Garden? Oh we know what happened my replacement was preparing for the show when the planes hit. The crew that handled the show were trapped in NYC for 2 weeks it was a travelling circus the entire show was trapped in NYC. My brother Mr. Lewis Shomer may God Bless and protect that Jew who ran the show because no fucking body else did could not float 3 shows. and thus went down the NAACP High Tech and Diversity Job Fairs. Oh if you run an NAACP branch out there and you're accepting a funky 5K to brand your show in your town?


Oh are you involved in the @NAACP want to join the  I'll tell you everything I know about running a job fair FOR FREE

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