Friday, May 8, 2015

The Veil

I could take the ideas and practices that are being instituted and package them for sale to marketing organizations as a Salesman’s EST progam that works and make millions.

I don’t want to make money I want to increase Universal Serendipity

That doesn’t mean the goals and principles of the Brilliant Bridge do not require the energy of money they do.  The Café will be physical locations like clubhouses, The Reconciliation and Truth facility will eventually require office staff and experts.  The #BlackSeder will need publication and greater organization. I LIKE TO EAT.

What it does mean is that the Brilliant Bridge never intends to solicit money.

Not for the food or coffee we’ll serve in the café or for any of the blessings of information or time we hope to store up in the furtherance of the goal of the increase of Serendipity.

When I think expansively and imagine what Brilliant Bridge will be when all grown up I see health, fitness, wellness, childcare, spirit care, all being attached as hubs to the café a place where we can grow the family I outlined earlier.

Did I mention one of the first things I envision doing for people who join us on the Brilliant Bridge is to send them on a week’s vacation where they never touch their wallets, and a beverage appears just because they shake their glass?  No dogma no promises involved in going, no hoops to jump through just vacate, I hope we send a million people on vacation

Ah the dreams one has for ones baby.

We don’t intend to ever make contributions made through the veil public.  We don’t intend to offer tax breaks as any incentive to contribute.  The only promise we can make is that the contributions will be used to increase Serendipity.

Do you have excess means?  Do you have a few bucks?  Do you have a few million bucks?  Throw it through the Veil and see the increase

Soon as the Brilliant Bridge  is old enough this veil utility will be absolutely open source including how much I take out of it however for now I humbly thank you for any monetary energy you’d like to share with this idea.

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