Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Waving at the Neighbors Update

It's been a week since I decided to take my chair Stargazer Friendfinder to the end of my driveway and wave at everyone who passes by and I thought I'd give an update.

This is by far the most groovy thing I've ever done for myself. The street I live on is first of all very busy. It is the main east west drag in our hillside hamlet so I'm busy. I am getting one heck of a workout! You beauty queens out there I tip my hat an hour's serious HOWDY waving is a workout.

I have become a phenomenon that children ask their parents to drive by and then the parents come by themselves. I stopped counting the frowns turned upside down I've caused. I believe I have dropped the average speed from warp 4 to mere impulse power on my little piece of the drag, and become an inspiration to the service club High School age kids looking for something to do.

I have made at least 10 solid friends I now know the names of and have moved past simple greeting to making human connection and within the next couple days I fully expect to have to bring out another chair for Stargazer because I’ve had a person ask if they could wave with me and I wholeheartedly accepted. Professional drivers are the most fun as I love air horns and I think the bus drivers on my route have begun announcing me because everyone on the bus now waves at me.

After one week.

Do I think this is for everyone? No, I’m a sales person who if when I cold called returned a positive result of whenever someone met my eyes I made a sale I’d be richer than Roosevelt so I’m not daunted by small rejections. Do I think it’s an excellent way to put yourself out there in anticipation of some really sweet result? Absolutely #opensourceserendipity
Taking back our world from the control of fear time and money

Namaste Friends.

Here’s the first posting.

Moms family is from Georgia, I’ve shown you Moms family earlier with the presentation of the documentary Palmour St., and Pops family gave me my Alabama memories.  I mention it because of a habit both sides of the family have.

When they get home from work, or get done with their day.  They will get them a beer or other bevie and everyone will go and sit on the porch and wave at every person and car driving by.

The people who are walking will generally stop and talk, the people in the cars always wave and display nice friendly smiles.

Well yesterday I was yelling at something political that had pissed me off and something made me think “I bet these people where I live wouldn’t even wave back if I did the southern thing”.  I live on a very busy street the most busy in my area of the town, so I thought no one would care we’re LA after all and a challenge was born.

First the music I would pick a piece and I would wave all the way through it, and I know what I will use

Yeah that's me for the assignment next?

The Chair


I set up for two way waving because that's how I roll.

I will now relay the results.

I apologize to my town for thinking it might not be friendly.  Oh my goodness, I don’t know how I’m going to be able to end my evening without doing this I didn't remember how good it felt.

I saw people who just didn’t see me, and the way people haul booty down my street I didn’t blame them.  Every single person who saw me waved.

2 separate men in pick up trucks who saw me saw my wave and didn’t think I saw them wave back drove around the corner to wave.  One stopped and asked if I were just waving and when I said yes told me that was just beautiful and that lit my heart.

I made a new friend in Amy the jogger I had seen many times running by my house and now know she’s a neighbor cooler than the other side of the pillow and yes she and her cool husband would love to drop by for a glass of vino and conviviality.

It’s my normal nature to count the wavers or something to keep my mind busy, but I didn’t have to.  Get down my city I’m proud of you, I was kept busy meeting you. I understand it might rain tomorrow, so nope, but whenever it’s not raining I think I’ll give Stargazer a last name.  Stargazer Friendfinder 

Namaste Friends!

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