Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Brilliant Bridge Spark of Serendipity

A light on the Bridge asks, Adept2u this idea of Serendipity you have in your title and mission what do you mean by that and do you know in Jerry McGuire it’s spelled KWAN not Quan?

I’m extremely pleased you asked answering questions helps me think.

When Adept2u went to school they didn't have all this wonderful media we have today.  We had films and presentations they made in the 50’s and 60’s before society went cheap and stopped producing new things for children.  They don’t even have Saturday morning cartoons anymore, but at any rate, they had one film I just loved about how nuclear material makes an atomic explosion.

It starts with a trigger explosion and then the power of the explosion runs away as individual atoms are torn asunder and send bullets of power to liberate the energy of other atoms.  Well I’ve been told that the power of Serendipity runs in a very similar manner.  By whom you might ask?  Well that’s an answer I’m on the Bridge to find out as well.

Now about the Quan and again I’m very pleased to answer the question.

Orphaned Africa
Adopted Five Families   

Black Yankee Shaolin

I’ve spoken about my time with the Job Fairs.  Well I’m in I think Detroit during the early part of my career then and it hits me.  Hey you can’t fight.  Like if someone slapped you you’d just cry and take it.

I've never been one to allow a hole in my abilities to remain unfilled so I researched what martial art I would take.

Quan Yin Kung Fu/Tai Chi

I've been a long time on that path my belt is J.C. Penny 5.99

Quan is a Chinese expression of the whole the entirety a sort of feminine I am because it also carries an essence of feminine divinity, which I also talked about.

Jerry Maguire?  Yeah I’m going for that too.  I love double entendre pun type things and many times when folk don’t understand me they go home a day later and laugh their asses off when they get it.

The love of puns as high art was born with Piers Anthony.
As an example of the powerful influence of Serendipity another Light on the Bridge the tremendous Miranda Chop and I were talking about some rivets etc on order for the Bridge and a motto fell out.

 Brilliant Bridge Voice Training Your Prophetic Song

*Finger Snaps* 

Remember to get your poetry ready and in my possession before say 4:30 PM PST Friday for entry in the Poetry Corner.

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