Thursday, May 7, 2015


You can say I’ve been very pregnant for more than a few years now. Those who are close enough to know me have seen some of the pains of my labors as evidenced in some reorientation of how I think and my priorities.

Got so bad toward the end that I adopted avatars of female divinity in my social media interactions and Adept2u became very pretty but also ready to give birth.

I’d like you to meet the baby.

The Brilliant Bridge Institute of Universal Serendipity

I humbly invite you to join the family and watch it grow.

There are great things for it to achieve, take a look at the hints in its future help shape it watch it grow. I love it already.

Brilliant Bridge Institute of Universal Serendipity
Albert Johnson Jr.
Vice President Sales Universal Serendipity and Holy Quan

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