Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Brown Liquor Grown Folk Brilliant Bridge Poetry Corner

Here's another collection of haiku, but this time I collected them with a special purpose outside of my own trippy musings. I've begun a Facebook movement I'd like to see grow into real life and into lots of things called Brilliant Bridge our motto is 

We are a band of optimists claiming our world back from the control of fear, time and money. We are siblings devoted to increasing Serendipity in life.

If that’s something you could stand behind please join us on the Bridge, but the reason for the collection is we have us a good old fashioned Brown Liquor Grown Folk Brilliant Bridge Poetry Corner happening, and as I threw the first rivet in the Bridge I’m playing!

I have an advantage I compose Haiku, but there’s no rule about how you can’t be poetic as a normal course of your day, in fact…I think it’s a Brilliant Idea.


My prince rambunctious
The world's to small to hold you
Grampy's arms will try


Be the Brilliant Bridge
A Butterfly Beats Its Wings
Launch a thousand ships 


Black man oasis
Gotta tighten those edges
So fresh and so clean


Ah human hubris
Can't understand each other
God we can speak for


I sit in my yard
Imagining a concert
I got the aux cord  


Serious business
Exploring the Universe
Lift off little man   


Michael put it down
We danced most furiously
The Brilliant Bridge life  

*Finger snaps*  Get you some of that.  Do you have to produce a multimedia extravaganza to participate?  NO!  leave whatever you want as a message to the group.  I’ll collect everything and make a blog out of it for publication as part of the normally Brilliant offerings.

What a great idea thanks to the Poet Laureate for providing Brilliant inspiration.

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