Thursday, August 26, 2010

76 Second Video Perfectly Illustrates What’s at Stake with Rand Paul

Ben Smith over at Politico led his discussion of Rand Paul today with this video which I believe is such a poignant encapsulation of what is at stake for people who feel that our civil rights legislation is a triumph of American Democracy and forward progress that I felt compelled to use today's diary to share it.

Civil Rights are not an abstract thing that only needs protection because the Government says so. Every year American citizens are forced to seek relief through the courts from discriminatory serving practices in institutions that serve the public. According to NAACP President Ben Jealous some 25000 cases per year are still being filed despite it being the actual law that such practices are banned. I have yet to see Dr. Paul protesting any of these institutions.

It does not matter whether Rand Paul would personally seek to end the CRA’s of 1960’s its enough to know that he does not defend them.

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