Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our Party Rocks the Party

My night at our convention was filled with C-SPAN wonder and a funky good time. This is how I saw the speeches live!

Albert Gore

In the house everybody. Look who we have standing up for change and Barack. The Republicans are abandoning their convention like it is radio active. Gore is dropping bobbing and weaving and tieing it together. Global warming to fossil fuels, smacks the Republicans challenges them to a duel. Gore has called out the youth and energizing that big crowd that they got together to motivate. The Obama love begins. Ah its sweet as its so true, Barack Obama said Iraq not so much! Hope baby experinced squared, no cubed. Movie plug fools!! Michelle is the bomb no doubt. quotes the money, the latin melting pot thing Obama Obama. He lays down our very freedom as at a stake. You know what to do Elect Barack!!!!!!!

let the sunhine
let the sunshine in
the sunshine in

let the sunhine
let the sunshine in
the sunshine in

let the sunhine
let the sunshine in
the sunshine in

The Generals

Women and black people well represented. Talker for the military men had a trip of a life wonder what made him get in the killing game. Obama it military friendly people relax. Obama can actualy get people to join the army. You know he's gonna hook up the soldiers and thier sacred trust. DAMN there is a fine black lady general in that line. I wonder if she gives stern orders. a whole stage full of enough brass to make a big band stand up and say Obama is the leader. Bite on that McSame.

Joltin Joe

Inside Denver joke rocky mtn loves it. Yo working people this is why we are here. The soldiers heck everybody admirable and sweet were here for you and here to elect Barack Obama. Some ladies story who is really sad and we are fighting for her too!

Peace and prosperity im out!

Teamster dude

Look for the union label
when you are buying that coat, dress or blouse.Remember somewhere our union's sewing,
our wages going to feed the kids, and run the house.We work hard, but who's complaining?
Thanks to the I.L.G. we're paying our way!So always look for the union label,
it says we're able to make it in the U.S.A.!

Monica the Insurance lady

Is calling the smear merchants a bunch of lying SOB's. He got faith! He helps and fights for people. She's happy some asshat sent her a lie e-mail. She actually looked into and is now into us. She speaks like she knows how to do it "LETS HEAR IT FOR THE INSURANCE SALESPEOPLE!" She drops it right on the republican heads as much red meat as to make a vegan feint.


What a sea of humanity almost as many people as soldiers in Iraq. Let's them get their cheer on.
He does accept the nomination. His tie is beautiful. Props to Hills! and the crowd goes wild, my man is soooo classy. Props to Bill, Props to Kennedy. Underlines his partner Joltin Joe Biden. Makes sure to thank that sweet family. That little one is going to be a handful. What fun to watch them grow up.

You know things are fucked up. aint all politics that started it but george bush he is da suck. lady got no health insurance. Dude got his job sent to China. Homeless vet poverty, katrina!! He strongly says


Now we love our country to much for four more of what we got in the 8. 8 is enough! 8 is enough 8 is enough 8 is enough 8 is enough!

McCain wore a uniform and he gives him props, and he thinks hes a maverick BUT bush pimp. John Mccain he doesnt get it.
he goes there
he goes there
he goes there
he goes there
Oh man Barack is smacking them around you are your own so says the republicans. own your failure republicans im here to fix this crap.

We democrats we're just the normal people. and things were good in bill times. we look to the 95% of people. we have big promises, stories stories, elitist what? Typical white grandmother instilled his work values, him typical white granny I guess.

Celebrities? He oh!!!!!!!!! thats what the stories were for! holy shit he just trashed their whole last month.

we got some promises, govt should do what we cant do for ourselves, educate infrastructure, we promise promise promise, all good things.

change is coming
1 point taxes
2 point running dog corps
3 tax cuts to start ups
4 cut taxes cut taxes for 95% of working people
5 10 years we are off the arabs teat
drilling is a joke
man too much to keep up with he is a telling ya'll what hes going to do.
education education go to school spend money on it recruit and train teachers and pay them some dang money. Promise, give some service go to school. DEAl!
promise health care lower your premiums and the congresses health plan. His mom died of cancer fighting with health companies and he is not taking the crap.
Now is the time to keep all these promises and if a woman votes agains barack oh well. He needs to pay for this butter. He's going to snip corporate fools and he is going to bring obama design to the federal govt. We need more than money we need to get out and do our thing.
see you at the debates bitches
hitting john mccain. I was right I was right John McCain was wrong!

OHHHHH SNAP Gates of hell? Go to his cave where he lives.

He calls for his timeframe, and says yeah I was right. I'm bringing our men home and maybe we might snatch that 79 billion from the iraqis (im just saying)
He is actually talking about getting alqueda
tough talk bad strategy, not the change america needs.
Roosevelt, Kennedy, I'm a Democrat we can keep you safe. Republicans are squandering squanderers! He will shoot you but only if you deserve it and he'll hook up our people we pay to shoot other people. He is going to act like a rational person who knows what the word diplomacy means.

He laid down a bunch of things and wants to debate john mccain, wait for it wait for it wait for it i'm not going to do the playground thing patriotism has no party. no red blue america UNITED STATES OF AMERCA



We're in some pretty shit and we gotta work together estabish some freaking community. Oh he just smacked the abortion question. we can keep AK 47's out of criminal hands and you can still shoot bambi. Let our homosexual brothers and sisters do their thing.

he takes the clothes of john mccain, eww thats ugly cynisism broken promises no wonder you aint got no hope you eyeore.
if you aint got nothing you dont talk about nothing. but dont worry were going to change this crap, and barack has a few stories of change.

MLK too you know he had to

sweet biblical passage and im so freaking fired up i want to phone bank. oh man his family is so pretty fireworks no balloons. Barack rocks the country music.

It is so on we're going to land slide that sorry old coot.

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