Thursday, August 26, 2010

You shot me! I got a four-year-old daughter

Those appear to be Oscar’s last words before he fell over to speak no more. A mans last words say a lot about what’s most important to you. Oscar Grant was 22 years old on New Years Day when he got the chance to speak those words. He was riding on the BART in Oakland when he was pulled from the train by BART officers, and despite begging for his safety, pleading not to be beaten or tasered he was instead shot in the back while lying prone on his stomach with two other BART officers restraining him. One with his knee firmly planted in his neck the other the other on his torso.

One might wonder what was going through the officers’ mind, you could end the wonder, but then you’d have to interview him something that has not happened yet even though it’s been 5 days since the incident. BART officer yet to give account of shooting If you haven't seen it here it is.

BART is rightly asking for patience from the community, however the speed in which they are adressing the situation and investigating the incident is not leading to much confidence.

Why haven't authorities forced this officer to give an account. If he wants to lawyer up, then fine. Get internal affairs in there and make him answer them if he wants to keep his job. Something he is still getting paid for. This is beginning to smell really bad Rodney King, Sean Bell bad.

Update: Better and more videos can be found in this diary by b satz

Update II:

There has been much clearer video released in the last few hours. Embeded here is that video. For all who question whether police officer had good motivation for this shooting pay particular attention to the bystanders comments.

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