Thursday, August 26, 2010

ACORN Grifter James O’Keefe Gets a Kiss From Justice


Would you imagine if you and a gang of buddies slipped into a Senator’s office under false pretenses with the intent to secretly tape her office staff and potentially bug her phones it would be serious enough to warrant a little jail time?

You’d be wrong! James O’Keefe has been wrist slapped and sent back to slander other organizations and people who work for progressive causes.

James O'Keefe, 25, famous for wearing a pimp costume in a video that embarrassed the ACORN, was sentenced to three years probation, 100 hours of community service and a $1,500 fine..snip

Four conservative activists accused of trying to tamper with the phones in Sen. Mary Landrieu's office pleaded guilty Wednesday to misdemeanor charges of entering federal property under false pretenses
Magistrate Daniel Knowles III sentenced the three other suspects to two years probation, 75 hours of community service and $1,500 fines.

O'Keefe, Stan Dai, Joseph Basel and Robert Flanagan were arrested Jan. 25 on felony charges, but federal prosecutors later reduced the charges.

Huffpo link to the little rat fuckers story

The right wing and elements of the Democratic Party allowed the organization ACORN to be nearly destroyed based on the evidence supplied by this should be a felon. 31 Republican legislators signed on to a proclamation honoring this criminal. I suppose I counted myself among those who thought that a bit of justice was coming for Mr. O’Keefe, but unless he’s forced to serve his community service with poor people Mr. O’Keefe was presented with nothing but some additional Republican street cred.

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