Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pravda Hip to the AIP

Back in April Pravda interviewed Lynnete Clark the Secretary of the Alaskan Independence Party. Lynnete is also the confirming source Jake Tepper is using in his blog regarding Sarah Palin’s membership in their organization.

Pravda makes the assertion that there are several Kosovo’s in America and they interview Ms. Clark in order to amplify that point, and boy does she provide amplification. Their interview provides the state of the AIP and what is their front line strategy for their goal-Alaska First! America not so much.

They think they were somehow short changed when Alaska was made a state.

3. I doubt very many US citizens know the particulars regarding what happened when Alaska was made a state. Would you tell the readers how Alaskans were denied a vote on secession in the past? It says on your website: "voting was corrupt and residents were not given the proper choice between statehood, commonwealth status, or complete separation - something they say has been granted to other U.S. territories such as Puerto Rico."

The rights of Alaskans, as the residents of a Non-Self Governing Territory, were protected by many UN General Assembly Resolutions. The U.S Government was under obligation to assure that “the right of people and nations to Self-Determination is exercised.” People of Alaska were never given a chance to exercise their right to cast the most important vote in their life. Native Alaskans were not allowed to vote because most of them could not read or write in English, and while the rest of Alaskan population was trying to make a sense of what was happening to them, the U.S. Government encouraged the 41,000 U.S. Military Personnel and 36,000 of age their dependents “to help Alaskans” and vote “yes” on statehood.

Here they say goodbye and thanks for all the fish!

6. What exactly do you envision as a result of self-determination? And what role is the US constitution in this self-determination? What about federal taxation, the military and such?

The people of Alaska are "masters in their own house" and entitled to decide on their own future. Considering the availability of our natural resources and unique character of Alaskans, complete Independence would be the best logical outcome. We have a great respect for U.S. Constitution, most Alaskans see it as divinely inspired document and would like to keep as the Law of the Land. AIP would oppose any oppressive form of taxation and all the expenditures would be legislated locally in correlation with the Nation’s revenues.

Not to go all cold war crazy, but if a malevolent country wanted to start trouble with a restive minority or a separatist movement in a province that wanted to break away from it’s motherland the anti patriots of the AIP provide ample ammunition for such mischief.

What does it say about the judgment of John McCain that he may very well have opened up our country to not just AIP, but Russian subversion with his nomination of an AIP sympathiser.

I bet Vladimir Putin would be able to make great use out of an official in our government who has as her goal splitting Alaska off to rape for its natural resources, and I bet they have already vetted Sarah Palin.

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