Thursday, August 26, 2010


A few weeks ago Billery invited us for a good old fashioned fight. They have been saying things like if you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen, and take the uniform off if you don't want to play. Well hell yes I want to play. I have some questions for HuckabeeHillary, and since electability is sooo important I believe it's vital to America she answer them.

Hey Hillary you are currently under investigation for election fraud with Peter Paul in Los Angeles. Will you be indicted?

Hillary, Is it true that you made a $2,000 investment in a telecom company taking advantage of FCC rules favoring women, and then made $44,000 when the company was flipped to cellular giant Mccaw?

Hillary, what else did John Huang get besides the use of the White House as a bed and breakfast?

Hillary, do you feel it was ethical to toss out the white house travel office in order to replace them with a firm that gave your senate campaign a million bucks in free air fare?

Hillary how did those billing records that were subpoenaed end up in some back room?

Hillary what is “the Family” and how a church that divides itself up into cells worship?

Hillary how did you guys pay for that library?

Hillary what role can Bill have when he’s been been disbarred from practicing law? Can he have a security clearance?

Hillary when are you going to reject and denounce J. William Fullbright?

Hillary how is going to dinner with other leaders wives bringing peace to Northern Ireland?

Hillary how did you cost America a chance at nationalized health care with a democratic congress and your husband in the White House?

Hillary do you know what sniper fires sounds like, and if you do why would you take your daughter to hear it?

I hope Barack’s people are having as much fun as I had, but I doubt he’ll let them join in. So I put it out to you Kossacks what questions would you like to see answered.

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