Monday, August 16, 2010

August 28th Fox Protest Theme…A Time For Love!

Hey all you 45 year old hippies out there. Do you remember holding your mom and dad's hands and going to a protest? Hey all you 60 year old hippies you remember going yourself? You 25 year old hippies you want to know what it was all about and get into some social change that doesn’t involve you wearing a mask and throwing rocks under a sign with a strange looking A?

I have decided on the theme of the LA portion of the counter Glenn Beck’s cynical attempt to steal the legacy of Martin Luther King, and it comes from the Ascended Master Stevie Wonder, it also comes from our parents those almost 70 year old hippies. It’s the time for love!

So those in the greater Los Angeles area please join me decked out in your finest flower power outfits, and if you don’t own one the cool thing about hippies is they didn’t have money, so you can come with the loving attitude and the clothes you have on.

Obviously I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the idea of the punched hippie. When an administration figure tosses an insult at a union group, or states people who earn millions of dollars a year might be pressed with other motivations than moving the country forward so called hippies of today get angry. I sort of remember what hippies of yesterday were fighting against and what they did to fight against it, and it wasn’t because Johnson told them to cut their hair and they didn't write angry blogs about it.


Look dude is facing a rifle! We wont have to.

On Saturday August 28th from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm the people I am able to wrangle and myself are going to stand in front of the Fox Television Center 1999 South Bundy Drive LA, CA 90025 and ask them to stop propagating hate in our body politic, and we are going to do it the hippy way.

Here's the saying for the day from Stevie


Facebook group Protest Fox August 28th!

Namaste friends!

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