Thursday, August 26, 2010

Left Wing Blogger Attacks Michelle Obama

There’s an interesting wind in lefty land. Michelle Obama once a paragon of virtue to the left wing community is now CLASSLESS, PETULANT, and VINDICTIVE. These were the words used to describe the First Lady by Markos Moulitsas of The Daily Kos.

Moulitsas a popular commentator on MSNBC made this assessment as a result of an appearance the first lady made in Arkansas in order to speak at the commencement of the graduating students of the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff.

What was the offense that has cost a classy lady her status and made her sulky and ill tempered? The FLOTUS neglected to mention Lt. Governor and Democratic Senate primary challenger Bill Halter in the normal announcement of the dignitaries before her speech.

Moulitsas has obviously developed the ability to read minds, and has seen into the petty one of Michelle Obama. The picture we are given is not pretty. What we see is a sneak peak into a Machiavellian nightmare of pure evil intent behind what might normally be described as a harmless oversight. Thanks to the insight of Moulitsas we get a peek into that perverse world.

Michelle noted the presence of everyone down to Redus (the local mayor), but petulantly snubbed the state's Lt. Governor? All because Halter has the temerity to hold Blanche Lincoln accountable for her efforts to stymie Michelle's husband's agenda?

Markos posts a screed attacking the first lady

Moulistas gives us further insight with his crystal ball by taking two issues and equating them to the totality of agreement or support for the Presidents agenda by incumbent Senator Blanche Lincoln.

Now, she and Obama both claim that she has stood by the president. So that leaves two options -- either the two of them are lying, and she hasn't stood by him. Or she has, and it turns out that Obama really didn't want EFCA, really didn't want meaningful climate legislation, and really didn't want the public option. I tend to think its the former.

This intrepid reporter can only imagine what can be next from the land of the left. Are Sasha and Malia truly good kids? Does Bo the dog actually hump the leg of Dennis Kucinich as a sign of solidarity or disdain?

Marian Robinson the mother of the FLOTUS is reported to have said her prayers last night, did they fail to mention the candidates of the Daily Kos, and if they did not, what does that imply about the continuing amount of class of the first family? Enquiring minds want to know.

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