Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Goodbye Daily Kos

I was thinking of making the title of this work the Daily Kos can kiss my ass, but I'm better than that.  For the last 2 plus years I have been a regular contributor to the Daily Kos. I have recently decided to leave that place due to their moderation policies which allow white participants to basically racially hound its Black participants.

The Daily Kos a so called liberal bastion has as many issues with racial sensitivity as any troglodyte right wing website with the only difference being at least on the right wing a brother knows where he stands.

If anyone is checking out my blog and wondering why the heck there are going to be 100 entries over the next few days it’s because I wanted to save my work to a place that belongs to me at least ostensibly to me. They locked my account for a time which denied me access to what I produced, and I say fuck that.

I have access again so that’s how I’m able to get my work and put it here. I’m at a loss as to if I should erase all my previous at the Kos work or not. On the one hand I have no issue with the community having continued access that’s why I posted them in the first place, but on the other hand I don’t like the idea of the management of Kos having the ability to block my work.

If anyone is around with opinion I’m curious what your opinion is.

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