Thursday, August 26, 2010

Olympia, Susan can you come by? I want to ask you something.

Hey ladies sit down please. Thank you for coming over, and let me say first you ladies are looking finer than frogs’ hair today. Olympia is that a new hair cut? It makes you look young. Susan, where did you get that dress? I don’t think I’ve ever seen the color blue look nicer on a lady.

Susan before I get down to it I know a couple of the guys were just ribbing you about your stripping money out of the stimulus package for pandemic flu preparedness. They were just being hot headed and not thinking. We know you support that issue, and you would have supported that funding in an omnibus budget bill. You were just trying to keep us fiscally responsible; you just wanted to make sure the stimulus bill was stimulating. Thanks to you Olympia and Arlen we got that, so jump with me and let me tell you why I wanted to talk.

Ladies by now you must know that Arlen has left the Republican Party and joined us Democrats.

I’m sorry where are my manners? Can I get you ladies a drink? Maybe a little of this fine cognac I got here because you know it’s the cocktail hour somewhere right?
How about a little music? You know help us set the mood.

There now that’s better isn’t it. So let me get down to it.

They don’t love you ladies. The Republicans treat you cruel, I already hear it. They are talking about you behind your back saying you should lose in your primary. I heard them call you a rhino! That’s right a big fat animal that grazes.

Olympia remember when you told me this?
"It's simple mathematics. If you want to be a broad-based party and be inclusive, you've going to have to think about how you can appeal to all regions of the country," she said. "We don't want to be the party that has the smallest political tent."
The Republicans don’t believe that and you know it. They don’t want to open their tent they want to throw people like you out of it. Hey remember how they bumped that lady from Alaska ahead of you two? We all know she isn't the leader you ladies are, and why do you think they gave her the promotion?

I’m just going to say it. We want you to join our party and leave the Republicans. We aren’t afraid to have strong people with strong opinions. Its ok you’re a bit conservative we are the big tent party you were looking for.

Anyway, think about it. Let us know if you need anything, like if you need to call and talk or anything just do it.

Oh and just a favor I know you guys are running by John McCain’s house would you mind letting him know I want to see him too.

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